K.I.S.S.: Power & Light ~ The Lesson

Keep It Sweet & Simple
I’ve been away. From the world. Engaged in my metadimensional Holy War against the hoardes of Dr. Malign, if you allow my licencious literary, cryptic and plot developing dramatic style.
I have developed new skills, constructed new devices, remade old ones and learned how to use them in new Lights.
I have been thinking a lot. I do not want to miss the main point of this blog with overwhelming data on weather, solar-terrestrial or other sciences, economy or the global war trend. I just wanted toshow it is happening, how it is happening and why. Also, science is lost in every statement or calculus and mainstream media is the Sacred Book today. Nobody knows nothing. Tecnocrats have agendas that are obsolete and totally out of the current possibilities of scientific understanding. They are 200 hundred years behind, leading us 500 years back.
If you are happy with your personal world and things as they are, but for a change of political colour to make things better, bettee get out of here now, I’ll hurt real bad.
Now, you, human being, Believer in Faith in One Creator read this:

We are born in this planet. It has been taken by demons and we are brought up by a demonic family into the demonic way life.
As soon as we are conceived the innermost secret forces of the people around us start eating is. We do not notice, because we receive an education that is actually an engineered software-hardware development to make us either food slave or a successful vampire slave. As long as we play the game everything is normal. As soon as we see other ways to explore besides those of our tribe we become peculiar,  freaks. If you disagree with modernity, civilization, progress and basic scientific metaphysisical assumptions that pervade the body of knowledge, medicine, nourishment, psychology, we become outcasts to be punished, by everyone. It is in our Aura, we are marked for hell by “believers” and not believers if we follow the Path the Creator appointed for us.

The Science.
There are only two forces: Power and Light. Vampires, demons, witches, poltergeist, gremlins, critters or whatever name you prefer, use muscle power to hold magnetically whatever they lay their attention on. This is the key to the famous “The Secret” or the “Think and Be Rich” Dale Carnegie magics. We all have needs, don’t we!
The problem is they don’t just bite and leave. A believer, a True believer, will find his or her way through the spiritual enlightment Sacred Books procure, they will develop a sense of honesty, wisdom, honour and, using the “I Ching” term, being Noble. This force, power, gravity, magnetism acted upon us keep charging us with unhealthy, weakening inverted particle flow, as the lower parts of our bodies hold an inmense bag full of the forces of satanic scores that make it easier for any attack to be successful.
This charge, of course, will compromise health and life style in many ways. But if you understood the Sacred Books, a little, you will be the kind, forgiving, patient type. This is Crucifixion or Yihad, being belligerent in Spirit. You have to be a Spiritual Hero, do your work into harmony, enhancement, equilibrium and Vision, be a Seer. If you are not a Seer, there is not much God can do for you. If you are, the work to be done, the “clear” or “detox”, is profound, lengthy and terrifying. I still remind myself, four years after, that what I fear in enhanced perception, not just seeing, is coming out, not in. It is very unpleasant. You have to be like Rambo making love to the South East Asia Anaconda in the mud and leaches. Literally. Quite Tantric. Yin and Yang, Thanatos and Eros, Phallus and Vagina, Power and Light.
The Solution:
You want to see the One Eyed Pyramid of the Five Fires alight in the middle of your forehead, if you do, when you close your eyes. To achieve this you must raise your vibration and electric pole, the Light, so that the Holy Spirit has enough charge to slash your Pinneal Gland open. When it happened to me I had been meditating, contemplating the Light that I produced and acreted on my quartz crystals. I was working on a healing wand project, out of sheer intuition after a bit of Atlantean Lore read. Once you acquaint the Pyramid you are reborn, or dead.
Now. As I said, I have been thinking a lot. You see, I do not want to be anybody’s Guru, God is and must be the Only Teacher. A good tool, for the daring, for those in need, for those drafted into God’s Army, that I can give.
Use an empty 1.5V AA battery, to meditate. Feel the clockwise torque Power of the Moon and tune it into the bottom, negative pole, of the battery. Feel the moon as your bones, standing on the, also, torque Power of the Earth. The Sun’s torque at your navel and the positive tip of the battery.
Your eyes are closed and you see nothing, but as you learn to pay attention the “nothing” is not quite so.
Touch, as though it was the finest joystick, the round tip of the battery. The blue, clockwise spin of torqye gravitons will feel like when you scrape the ice when skating, as you caress in anticlokcwise motion, extracting red, heat “W” particles, from the torques.
Aim these particles at your fiel of vision and try to make and keep a flame. Direct the electricity throughout your organism, eat electricity. As the heat burns the trash you’ll see people fall around you. Make no judgement until God tells you all about it. Until then, really, you know nothing. In truth we never do. It is better to just do whatever God says is best. If you do this and it goes well, I WARN!!!, the time will come you’ll be pondering medication out of business. But, I thought to myself, even if mr. doctor medicates me out of this stressful vision and work, would he defend me from the Darth Vaders in my life? No wat out, I’ll be Rambo in the mud forever, end up in hell if I have to, but give those jerks a Spark of Life they never considered and turn them into Coca Colas, while I can.
I believe I said all that can be said. This is all Secret Lore for a very good reason. It must remain secret, but for this very exception.


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