Report For NATO: Military Chaff & Weather

It just occurred to me, dear ladies and misters, officers, commander, pilots, having acquired so much relevant, official, scientific, contestant and whistleblowed tips on… everything that matters for the time being, That:

Military chaff is being overused due to too frequent secret flights, either because of the number of planes involved, or where they move. In war games, in deployment, in surveillance operations with frequent Red Baron games at mach 5, lately.

A lot of what is considered contrails or chemtrails are, in truth, just jet fighter and bomber condensation and expansion, explosivily, through whatever given atmosferic conditions, with varied effects, mixing the paintful colours of the quantized fuel, expanding a spiraling gravity wave in horizontal due course. Vertical loops of sound blast streams slam the Earth crust and heat it, travelling behind your proto-space ships. How about that giant triangle UFO, enough to make a “derecho” storm on its way to Mars? Conspiracists say. A Lockheed Martin vehicle for missile bases in deep space? If Dave Hodges did not lie, I contribute the vehicle. The troposphere, readers of high wisdom, command and concern, is being treated the same way.
The gravity waves created by sound create electrical scenarios for the civilized network, the grid. The thermic conditions, altered, heats Earth & space, changes the jetstreams, overheats and overtorques the ion belt plasma field below the troposphere, which contains an almost global fine ice network. Are you cold in April? Is your south wetter, windier and dustier? mach speeds. This is just one more point adding to whatever is happening to the solar cycle and and our relationship with the gravity waves from galactic center, which is already enhanced by our anthropogenic shitheads into hyperactive global warming, which will melt more troposphere and bring colder colds further south. I am on wait and see mode after Caribbean Guadalupe was blanketed last week. The Vietnam event before that. This sound wave torque mechanics are much like the proton flux from the Sun, the crust heaters. Solar wind with Bz North component will swell the magnetosphere, will charge the ion resistance membrane of the lower ionosphere and send fresh wind inflating weather high bubbles and sending storms about, like the Polar Vortexes have been doing. A coronal hole, passing through the solar equator for a week, will puncture this membrane with a proton inyection. This is most destabilising, a prelude to quakes, volcano swarms and magma intrusions as well as storm formation. An Earth Spot is a vertical vortex with an ionized filament traveling from the core of Earth to the Interplanetary Magnetic Field. They travel and, on their path, anything goes if the engineer keeps turning the volume up. To understand things better, a simple mix solar face imagery animations, with thoses mirrored on Earth’s weather and geoactivity, paired as one, would help you through an imaginative learning tool, by seeing the Sun, not above, but below Earth. The truth of the dynamic mirroring will help you by showing one as shadow of the other, Earth and Sun. This opens the way to philosophical and scientific questions on the Holographic Universe Paradigm, but enough was as preamble  to the Miltary Chaff problem.

It is controversial, it has been changed to a less pollutant substance in recent decades and last time I read an enviromental analysis report, civilian science disagreed, heavily on the use of “healthy” aluminum. Upgraded from lead. As I looked through my search results, I read silicate compounds.
This is also a prelude. The whole idea that I am trying to convey, simply, for the masterminds of NATO, Russia & China is, though so necessarily enriched, so that you see the full scenary at play, That:

Military Chaff, used in conditions where Earth Spots are present, feed the vortexes into, for example, of the extreme cases recognized as likely, some Typhoons in South Pacific. Jets fly through, the particles of the chaff heat, electrify, sparkle and a tornado, a hurricane, or just dryness on the deserts of the South and West of the US and México. This was my point. Be it a jet turbine or a volcano crater, the Coriolis Efect is always the Doctor medicating for fever. The deeper the heat the needer the freeze.

This is my aim and dream. Viva Canarias Guanche y Libre.


The Coriolis Effect is Fractal in Phi, the number 1.618, The Golden Rule of Flow and Proportion Perfect For Creation Of Things Alive. No life outside, just bangs, echoes and fades into nothingness.
Thou Art The Artwork Of The Great Craftership.

All said.


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