Adanowsky: THEY WANT YOU TO BE -YouTube

He is the son of Alejandro Jodorowski, one of, if not the most stupid intelligent man on Earth. Comic script writer, film director of most avant guard film director in the seventies. His Santa Sangre is must see western for trabsgressive spiritual lunatics or Tantriks. The Path of the Warrior as it is. As a Chilean Yiddish, like Dr. Naranjo, embedded in Kabbalistic insights, cultural dominance of Freudian Psichoanalysis and American Shammanism, they try to explain everything everything in terms of inner energies and “psychomagics”, a misunderstanding of Shammanic Sacred Healing as placebo trick. Leaving God’s relationship with the Healer and the Healed out of the equation. That is why I’m more into junior now. Adam Jodorowski is Adamoski. He is transgressive cabaret of the old style, for today. Here I share a song.

This other one, in the image, Would You Be Mine, I will not share, though it is a must see. I have been, from the beginning of this blog, giving insights into the core of sick we have grown into. Did you think Andy Warhol’s film work was blunt? This is an XXX adult only Big Art! Enlightened! Disgusting! TRUE! MARVELLOUS!
A genius like his daddy. You must be very mature to watch it without “cleaving you garments”, however upsetting. Real life is a lot more hellish than that. This is what an Artist must do if he must do it to get crucified. Uff! Having a dad like that! He is also Frank Zappa’s bro’, as you will hear in his They Want You to Be. Listen to the landscape drawn by the funky wawwaw guitar sound.
It is so hard to admit: that you unconscious mind and health and paths is God inside and you just can not escape. You can just block yourself out,of awareness for a time, while you have Force of body and mind to fight back the Truth. The medium is True, the medium is poluted with lies, that are alive and do something to your behavior patters and gene mutation, to your body, to your,descendants. That is what the Psychomagic is about, God invented it to be able to deal with us little kids understand nothing.


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