Jedi Engineering Memorial The Force Sword


George Lukas was an Enlightened Man. An Angel, so to speak, a Messenger. God used his language to train me in Arts and Science. I ended up in the one hundreth dimension, where you swim in the graviton dark matter field, and squeezing space between my hands, into basic pyramidal blocks of matter or partiki, which were then reshaped by Chewakka and a Shrek looking creature to repair the Space Falcon in the quantum level. We rewired the whole Las Palmas city those days. Now,  four years after, I have learned a lot more and after this deep grassroot power and culture cue proclamation, with a flag few would share, I find that someone has organized the Jedi Swords for us.
Methinks. It should’t take much. I’ve been exploring all sorts of things in bio-power managment. Magnets, coils, batteries, fans, crystals, coins, plastic plectrums, powerlines, sounds, engines, gravel below the tar, mountains, Earth’s core axis, moom.magnetism, stones, salt water, sugar water… what else! sure there is a whole lot more. So, Mr. Lukas gives us a hint, a Revealed hint, on what a Force sword would look like.
Wrath is hot and red. Galactic Core Love Graviton Field is blue. Indigo Children,  Luke, a lighter blue than Master Jedi’s azurite blue. The colour shoud depend on the frequencies you are, body and soul, tuned into. I would expect, by my experience, that you will have to use both, get the wrath out of you into your body fluid dynamics into your hand into your self made device. Dance Chi-Kung Sword Dance inspired by Luke’s blinded eyes. Magnetism you will find if you slowly, relaxedly, open and close the space between your palms, at varied distance. Thus you can see you are flame, a spark, that you can play to enhance and heal yourself into higher and more power frequencies through your bones, muscles, biofield, ley lines.
The Warrior has, then done his psychophysiological work, he has battled enough with bear hands and he wants an F-22 Raptor too. Let us start with the hand device, the Jedi Force Sword. Meyhinks, again, you need to projet a proton beam, I do not think this is necessarily a laser needing a crystal. We must work with spark and flame of the quantum realm. This means you must be lock on tune with the Black Hole Galactic Center. You put the basic electricity and flame as you are, naturally, in loving Tune with Creation and the Creator. As you need it you accrete electric blue, clocwise spinning, gravitons wich you burn with your electric sparkly flame. Now, put this into an enhancing device. How? What? How about 2 AA Batteries, in a plastic shield, no wire, just aligned into touch +/-, clocwise copper coil, dielectric isolator tape layer 1mm. thick, anticlocwise coil,another milimiter. Two ferrocrome ring magnets at the forefront position that you can play with at your finger tips, magnetically opposing each other. You can play with pressure and enForce, magnets do channel dark matter particles. You can oscillate the magnets on the coiled axis and extract the spark from the batteries. Your enemy is mud of the universe, Love your enemies’ Force and Burn it to eternal nano microbe dust. Try a battery powered spark for gas cookers. It might be the final pefect device, after all.


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