Incredible Mystery: Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China” en YouTube


Don’t you have a sense of doom on the fringe when you listen to my hound of hounds for facts and news, images!
Cities in rhe sky. You should know by now I see all sorts of things in clouds. This would be a story of how I poached myself into climate science if I gave you all the details, but one the highlights was laying on the beach, contemplating, in an alpha-delta meditative state of mind (I did check my brainwaves once in that period of Yogui Enlightened Master. They missed the point). There was a tower castle above, like the one I think is still my Benartemi Semidàn Facebook cover. Merkel is there now, in La Gomera, guarded by my tower and the Guanche King Hautacuperche, in bronze, standing presidence of Valle Gran Rey beach. This is where I want all the EU government and royals retire to keep the Canary Islands, Spain and Europe alive and reconquerable, during and after the incoming war. Aren’t those the ghost of the cities that are to be nuked! Did you recognize Capitol Building. Ease. There is another explanation, natural as thermic contrast printing 3Ds in the sky. Like my face on a shroud when I resurrect. One day. Now I’m fighting with my “octopus gear”, an angry Arctic giant king, I am. I want Asmodeus out. Cameron is in Lanzarote, four islands away from Merkel. This is the land of eternal spring. I was thinking this morning, should I surrender the islands to the People’s of the Swiss Federation and be a Swiss Canton in the Atlantic? Then I thought, well they do have the kind of democracy and culture that is desirable to mantain, as evolved Europeans. But I do not see much future there after they, the Swiss, like us Spaniards and Canary Islanders, broke away from our natural principle of neutrality. Ghost people living in ghost cities, us about to be nuke into nuclear winter like a big freeze for many decades, centuries. “…and God said: Let there be Democracy. And this is what they voted for.


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