Gravitational Waves Explained: LIGO Feel That Space (The Weeknd parody) | A Capella Science – YouTube

Proffesor Blais explains the big scale.
But as his Bohemian Rhapsody states, Vibrations Generate Particles. This is universal at al scales. My own study of Gravitational Waves as linked to sound junmped into consideration of past and post experience, when I realized that was being hit by the wave of a firework soccer fan, before I heard the bang. I thought, obviusly, the speed of sound is air resistance and gravitons are not impeded by friction. Then I analysed Asmodeus’ noises and what they did to me, before I realised I was being eaten by a Warlock Sorcerer, not tormented by an Anal Sadomasochistic Obsessive character like a 5 year all hyperactive child with attention deficit. Does anyone rememeber the cloc-cloc walking of the giant cockoroaches in Mimmic? That Asmodeous being a giant spider weaving tissue with Force and gravitons. I am so deep inside, that yesterday I was like in the middle of space shooting planets down. That bad. Today I’m fighting as an Octopus tuning into all chordata. Squeeze the Beast out of existance, forever, from every single point of the manifest or even potential universe. Deep Clean.


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