Solar Cycles Revised


More sunspots or more Bz+. This is where the heat comes in with the Lunar Standstill 18.5 year cycle. The red predicted trend lead us to more Bz+ for the next 15 years. This is bound to bring about Not so Sudden but Sustained Stratospheric Warming into a Little Ice Age brought about by a Maunder Minimun in process. Last one 1650 + 360 a solar year, a solar winter on Earth due to Sun – Galactic Core Solstice or Black Holestice. In my scheme, I am sorry to deceive you as primitive, it is a magnetar that does de job of turning the Sun round in a short chord magnetic rope, like you spinning on yourself with an enormous balloon held by your fingertips. Then Mercury and Venus, they brother the Sun around the Magnetar. They orbit us together, then Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn. The rest are all invaders from Galactic Cross Point. We shift on the galactic plane and astronomy has inherited the illusion that our cyclic swings and our retrograd yearly rotatation through the 12 signs of the Zodiac, means that we are travelling through the eras in a circle, not back and forth from Galactic Core. This is also the illusion that the invading planets have an orbit around the Sun, because they make turns and dissappear behind the Sun and astronomers calculate a bogus orbit because they can predict when they will be seen again. I know, considering this requires you hold the bull of what you know, whom you trust for truth, by the horns. Back to the moon cycle. 28 days is both our lunar month and the 1 day rotation of the Sun. 18.5 year Lunar Cycles X2, is X3 11.86 Jupiter Orbital Years. Sure you can join Saturn in and treat the rest of the objects in the Solar System as triggering or interfering factors in the mantainance of the system. Gravity roads and standig scalar wave cosmology breakthroughs have been presented here. So we can think of a magnetic whole, in which there is a Sun/Moon-Earth gravity pull and spin relationship and a cycle of 3 orbits of Jupiter around the Sun triggering the Lunar major and minor standstills as well as the solar sunspot/coronal hole behaviour cycles, 19-22 year galactic plane swing.

-Neo-geocentrism killed this for a Science Paper. But truth is true even if it sucks, in the standards of our brains workings and value system.


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