Isolated Solar Storm Effects, New SSN? | S0 News Mar.21.2016 – YouTube


I took this screenshot from SO’s previous video. It is the dominance of polarity during the 11 year cycle. The previous cycle was quite even but now the red line says that the south of the Sun rules in positive, which is stronger than northern Bz- solar wind.  This explains this El Niño season perfectly and simply.
The events he predicted and his confirmation reports overlap my own.
We stress the earthspot factor. It looks to me they are drilled in by solar coronal holes, leading to critical mass of events, like whatever is building up around Kamchatka a south east Moroccan Atlas. I don’t like it. It seems to have an invisible link to the northern Europe earthspot and that seems to be related to Arctic weather intrusion. SO reports a situation of high density and solar wind velocity, this is unusual. This means the eyecta perceived as floating proyectiles from the sun, several days ago, was not a camera glitch or image saturation. We’ve been hit hard and these are the weakest points to receive whatever may.


The dome at the southern left of the Sun. That looks scary.

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