Scorching February, Melting Arctic Put 2016 On Course to Break Climate Record – Bloomberg Business


I’ve spent many reading hours today. I have refrained from sharing articles and screenshooting other people’s work.
I went through all the news, expecting the contents to decant in my brain, for an even finer product. The my searches peeped into the latest advancement in weather models and predictions for this El Niño season. I thought this Bloomberg article is the most appropiate and recent. My summary, of the whole thing, as follows.
While Peruvian science predicts a Kelvin wave of fresh La Niña, this very March, NASA and NOAA are saying that El Niño is lasting till June, then La Niña. February was the hottest on record, 137 years. This El Niño / La Niña swing is analogous to that of 1998. If I understood correctly, a similar situation made La Niña drought South America between 2007 and 2012, after the 2005/2006 El Niño. It makes sense. The first thing I did when I learned how to make rain was to refill the depleted reservoirs in Gran Canaria. This may have been by 2000. Something else makes sense, if. 1998-2016 = 18 years 6-6-6, the number of the beast, that is, a cyclic weather cycle comprised in a 22 year Galactic Plane Cycles of 2 + 11 years regular cycles. El Niño is said to occur each 2-3/7 years. I tend to have magnetic solar fluctuation cycle in mind for each of the ever wider cycles, starting with the, recently observed 2 year cycle, in which there is a positive, a neutral and a negative. Say increasing positive years lead to strong El Niño that lead to a strong opposing La Niña.
Six years like 1998/2004, six 2004/2010, six 2010/2016, new start.
It fits 2 year cycles x3 modes, overlapping the 22 year cycle, with a,solar flip, a change of the overall polarity every 11 years. Last flip was 2014 but it said to have arrived months late. You can count on Jupiter’s orbit to rule each 11 year cycle, heliphysicists have said. There is more, back on Earth. It is being said that El Niño contribution to the temperature does not justify the numbers. What’s left. Bloomberg mentions methane melted from permafrost, I add ocean basin too. Arctic Ice albedo is also mentioned. World register is we have frozen CO emission, but maybe it was too late to make a difference. Somewhere I read myself confirmed, in words I wrote this week, “forget about a super strong El Niño, this is something else”, “uncharted territory”, says Bloomberg. If you explore my blog from the first post, almost a year ago, you will see how a pioneer deals with the uncharted. I have been able to find comprehensive explanations for all phenomena.
So, do I leave as man made? An anthropogenic getting the 18 year cycle out of hand? Or is there more? Maybe an extra dose of solar radiance full of density and depleted of solar winds? As I said lately, I still need months to see if this is “business as usual” or if the Sun, diving into Maunder Minimum, has behaviours unrecorded in 137 years. Keep watching the trans-Neptunian army of planetoids.
They might be involved in a crime to be.Again, if. Now it is time to wait for the end of Winter and start of Spring freeze. Observe.

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