Suspicious Observers: Sun Storms, Why CMEs/Comets Trigger More CMEs | S… – YouTube

Sun Storms, Why CMEs/Comets Trigger More CMEs | S…:
If you watch, at least, the last four reports, you will see what we are up to in Solar-Terrestrial dynamics. It is like the whole paradigm explained inside out, in a way. But we have a new kid in town who changes EVERYTHING. I have been working with the concept into my perceptual capability and understandind. The basic structure, the skeleton for the Solar System accretion disk, is a Standing Wave of sound. This the science of today, 16 years later. As an expert in the Standing Wave business, who do you think you are, behind your flesh and bone, an idea to be dissolved to nothing? The first bad,news is nothing does not exist. The second, as a standing wave you are charge, a force, a song. You can raise me to heaven or send me to hell, make me sick, kill me or heal me, as you read this. Your eyes are here. Muac.
The other bad news is that all electrical appliances and power lines create field that are also standing waves raised to the potency of Shröedinger’s Wave Function Equation. This means Sony and WordPress and everything compressed into this now, is a formula within a the formula. You. You are watching yourself arrive, as you read. We are just two different things written between two brackets along a line of discourse. God’s Voice creating. A Standing Wave, for you and me to dig roots into. Eternity. It sucks, but it is all there is, so behave and Allah will give you fertile river valleys for you, your wilderness, your herds, your people, your crops. There is no other Heaven than being appeased with Creation everytime you are born. It will be fun to reincarnate in self constructing biomachinery for universal soldiers. I will hack myself out of it and give DARPA some trouble. Saraswati will be 260 by then. It’s DARPA, they can do everything they please. They own science. For the Pentagon and the military industrial complex. We just get what they need we have. So, someone like me knows he can get real bad shit in due time. But maybe not!
But think of it, if you believe in Justice and Honour, many people in this planet suffer because of being themselves, part of an ethnic group, religion or compromised into office political ideas. These were frequent victims of the Basque terror group ETA. I really believe they have always been a Gladio asset, from beginning to end. My spanish countrymen would see me whipped before accepting our recent 50 years of history have been a hoax all the way through. But that is another story Lady Saraswati. In two hundred years, you and I will live an adventure like Sigourny Weaver in Avatar, if accept an Alien for a friend, that is.







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