Volcanic activity worldwide 9 Mar 2016: Makian Volcano, Nyiragongo, Tungurahua, Suwanose-jima, Momotombo | TheSurvivalPlaceBlog




My Tunghurahua! She is a Star!
I was expecting this, by looking at surface temperatues last week.
The Survival Guy also shared weather news on South England/Wales gale and Gulf states under storms in south west central USA. Here it still September. Somtimes wind shifts from easterly to south born into the straight of Gibraltar.
Apart from that it is all quiet like a storm passing on a not so distant railroad, while time has stopped here. September. I am very intrigued about our solar terrestrial interactions during the days we turn the Spring bend. Heat is building up, still and a freeze is yet to be expexted before a hell of a rain spring season worldwide. Except for those undergoing the desertifying curve into the worse. I would expect, at a single unexperienced glance, that late spring and summer will be hottest again, that the heat build up goes on, incresingly and surprising earthquake and volcano activity redoubled. If we have chimneys heated through the stratosphere, winter chilliest could happen anywhere, anytime, by surprise. A perferct 6-7 storm. If the heating trend continues, that is.


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