Mary Greely Monitors Yellowstone Super Volcano Report – More Earthquakes Not Reported – YouTube

Magma Intrusion, Slow Earthquake tremor? Drum beat in sismograph whistleblowing military drilling, as reported by an anonymous many weeks ago. Canary Islands vulcanologists are complaining about not getting the relevant minor tremor seismicity listed by Spanish USGS, the IGN. It is relevant once you learn about Slow Earthquakes. I’m so sure the INVOLCAN guys are so fascinated about their on islander studies and worldwide volcano imagery that they know nothing of a possible slow quake intruding magma into Fuerteventura from Tarfaya or from other paths into other islands. Remember the Hype about La Palma – Cumbre Vieja landmass slide into East Coast Mega Tsunami. I have news for you. After I shared surface temperature images of La Palma, I did a little research. I even looked at all the ongoing Canary Island sismographs, as reported by USGS-IGN/Smithsonian-British Natural History Society. It was reported on the local paper, 2 weeks ago, that the water supply had been broken from north to south La Palma. I concluded that an Earthquake had done it and that we have no seismographic report of the event. This would have happenned along the northern mountain range the makes the Caldera of Taburiente, the innermost Soul of my Guanche Jazz music, ensemble to be!
So, in the future, as solar cycles evolve, we must watch and study very closely the relationship, possible or likely, of ongoing tremors with slow seismicity and magma intrusion. We must pay attention to La Palma. This Tsunami would be much taller and aiming directly into New York and D.C. (why mix George Washington in this, he was ruled out by the Act of 1871, the Federal Reserve and Patriot,Act)
Good day.

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