BP Earthwatch: Massive CO Clouds Over West Coast/Earthquake Watch!! YouTube

His answers are even better than mine.
To start with, I do not believe NASA satellite product mix in the relay for a false Carbon Monoxide reading. I thought of Mauna Loa and ocean acidification as major factors. BP has opened my eyes. I have been doing some Saint Andreas fault pinpoonts in the past weeks, as well as Yellowstone.
Really, be aware. Follow BP Earthwatch, Suspicious Observers, THORnews, The Survival Guy Blog, Mary Greely. If there is something going on, they jump, analyse, produce what you need to know and think about. This is not an inmediate doom warning… well, yes it is, just keep watching. I don’t think you can trust the military anymore, not in the US, today, nor in the rest of NATO once the war with Russia changes the chess table into a swastika. I think we are going to have to learn to use mobile apps that can hack military equipment wherever it is. Santa? I want a laser stignray mosquito fleet. Aim into the heartbeat core, phew! Stroke. Enemy down. Imagine walking into an invading infantry, armoured cavalry, official and corporate buildings, with dark clouds of,mosquitoes shrouding you like a Mothman announcing their collective death. Wow. I like that. Good boys and girls get Accupunture Medical Treatment. Microsurgery, even.

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