Wall Street Investor Save Souls & Life: Variation of Spirulina maxima biomass production in different depths of urea-used culture medium

Don’t forget my 8% of investment profits and 8% of shares of your enterprise if you do it at home and you go Dow + other little fair arrangements.
Medicine, food, biofuel, the cheap way to make it! The guys who found the know how. What else? Petrochemical processing, plastics, cement and brics, furniture, paint, stone treatment, water-land river, delta, shore detox, food for the fish and the food of the fish. God wants you crucify yourselves for Spirulina Maxima and send fossiles to hell.


” The biochemical composition of the biomass obtained from A2 cultures, including protein, carbohydrate, lipid, moisture, and ash, was 56.59%, 14.42%, 0.94%, 5.03%, and 23.02%, respectively. Therefore, S. maxima could be grown outdoors with the highest efficiency in urea-enriched medium at a 25-cm medium depth with 25% surface cover or uncovered.”


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