Fabius Maximus: Enemy Reporting Self Schizo – Ontic Oscuration

The hidden truth about Putin’s threat to nuke Turkey in Syria – http://wp.me/p8CHb-owT
But isn’t his style just so neat! Really! How can you say that there being no dinosaurs on that beach proves beaches do not exist. You are so biased that you look for stupid enemies who talk obvious shit and then use the same tactics on the most obvious truths that only a payroll writer would war against, ignorantly boasting a war agaist ignorance. That is your unconsciouss self revealing in the mirror. A dangerous schizoid you are. But I love the way you write present your blog with images and links. I envy you, though I am happy with the way do it now. A little mess, because true wisdom is for the patient ones, who take no time or haste to do as they must. Ontic Oscuration. You can not perceive yourself, only your mechanical hardware, but just the extrinsecal workings. That is all you see, physical, tangible world you can touch on the surface and the reasoning we have achieved about it. But because of Ontic Oscuration you do no see the chilhood emotional programming of your intellectual preferences. You defend truth from media hype hoax. But you choose your truth in everycase. If you are clever, you’ll be right 85% of the time, but the big issues are so dear to God and Earth that mistakes are not neutral. You are liable for you errors and motivations. However blind to it you choose to be. Choose be a body that thinks can feel what he wants. No shit! As long as you are strong enough to hold it it holds. But the force of the physical body is not know to be eternal… or is it!


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