US Alert Oklahoma Fracking: Ocean on Pluto’s Moon, 148MPH Winds | S0 News FEB.20.2016 YouTube

See Oklahoma become the active node bringing heat from the south and the northwest, Wellowstone and the Pacific Ocean. The heat feeds the Arctic Canadian Storm, freezing the lake district, and creating hurricane winds into Chicago. Why! Whatever is misplaced, in weather, because of current conditions, recent 5.2 fracking quakes and swarms have electrified the crust, making Oklahoma a conductivity bridge pumping, into South California, into Oregon into North New Madrid fault line to Chicago and the Lakes. The situation is that heat will electrify the planes and create tornadoes +5 like we,do not see, whatever that does, concomitantly, to more teluricity. Plains under stress are wobbly.
I am under an Atlantic superstorm in the making, being fed by Southern Atlas chill that comes from the north of Europe and convergent electrified humidity from southernmost Morocco. This is weird, very weird. See my next Screenshot Reads Today post. Mindblowing general updates.

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