Kids Gravity Time: Highway in the sky: The gravitational corridors that could help spacecraft travel the solar system | Daily Mail Online


Now, after you have read this text, from 2009 and after all that we have learned, lately, as shared, my ways, in this Holy Blog. Am I the only one? who can put together gravitational waves from galactic center and elsewhere with these gravitational pathways, that are already in spacecraft use, that unlike the slingshot technique it allows landing on moons! Gravity, Graviton, Gravity Waves, Dark, Matter, Black hole collisions, black hole flares, gamma rays, x rays, plasma, filaments, filaments. High Energy Proton Bombardment! These gravity pathways are of the solar flares and solar wind into the outer heliosferic shield membrane, webbing the solar spider planetary cluster. Outside, the measurements of the power of local stelar space proton interaction is out of brain scale, they are. They, combined, make the solar system a lightbulb and voltage is in the input, light and heat is the output. In terms of intra solar system gravitational electromagnetic interactions, a voltage increase from galactic core, from other outer bombardments, may change masses, orbits, planetary and atmospheric chemistries. In all planets and moon. Will we see Velikovski’s Venus in play? That would really be brainbraking, for me.  Will we see three days of chilliest darkness? Will we see the gassy giants turn into living Suns and Pluto Lord of The Dead… What. Why is it all so spooky. We really haven’t seen what may be about to change in the whole sky, day and night. Not so fast, but consistently in no return mode. God. My Creator I Ply Your Mercy on Me as I am Merciful AllOver. So Be It If So You Will!


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