Gravity Waves in Cosmology -In Spanish – :”CONFIRMADO, Existen las Ondas Gravitacionales y los Agujeros Negros” en YouTube

Feel the waves yourselves it is not just cosmology. Understand! Light, Sound, EMFs, passing cars! Your upstair neighbour, your guitar, the hammering or drilling worker, everything creates gravity waves. You thoughts, added to will, added to body force, added to capacity to ground, added to the center of force in your body, that is quality, be it heart, liver, logics, dogma, belly, mucle/bone lever/polley or your sheer bollocks or ovaries, anal sphincters are killers. To all this you add, also, your tune into the machine, instrument, dance, speech, that you are using and you have constructors or destructors working together doing the same things, but not quite. Be Neutral, observe yourself not being neutral and, remember, toilettes are civilzation because of perfect privacy for things the rest of us should not suffer. Do not hammer us all when you use your hammer, just nail your hole in, clean.
I recomend an effort in trying to understand the video speakers so clear spanish diction, just to test how much you can understand, considering our languages have semitic, etruscan, carthagenian, latin and germanic roots in common.


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