Fernando Rockefeller-Halliburton

I have many names. In my birth certificate it is two names, then dad’s first family name, then mom’s. That is the Spanish way. It was not always so. Before the 1900s, sometime, mothers’ family name was first. Like in Portuga,l or the European way in which it is there, but not considered in the mr. so and so.
In my ID first, in my passport later, they vanished my second, Miguel, from existence. Then I became Indaganthe, which I accepted from a Cuban Master Healer who was, in Truth, a King of Africa of Ghanan linneage. Then I took Buhogrís, as a name for my Shaman self, given by nature and man, in the symbolic true story of Grayowl, the English man who became a Kiowa Native American. I was educated by Medicine Men and Seers from all nations, from the Inuit to the Patagons,
I am the Yacaré, son of Amazonia, a brother Guaraní, of the wide spectrum of the Arawak language speaking nations, that I consider ethnic, cultural brothers of the Guanches.
Then God said, yes baby, you are my Owl, but this is what it means, and took me to the symbology of ancient religions to teach me, in the end, that the Owless is the Holy Spirit of Minerva, Leto, Athena, Ishtar, Innana, Virgo, Isis, Mary, making Us the Son. You don’t believe in Christ, you follow where He may. And then, before this understanding was complete She said:
Your Name is Sananda MeLCHÎzeDeK.
I knew what that meant. You must be joking Your tortures on me!
Well, this is my post, one day Sananda is on a coffee stroll and a well dressed couple ask his name… Sananda what? Melchizedek. They take a little barcode reader… no, ©Rockefeller-Halliburton Unit N°xxxxxxx#### Monsanto Patent N° XXXXXXXXXXX. In the van, now!

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