(Revised 19:24Z) The pilgrimage of Martin Luther King: an antidote to amnesia about our history | Fabius Maximus website

It starts with a brief history of the US. I am not qualified, as historian, to judge the content of this introduction to Reverend King’s Mission. Some times I do not want to get lost in the details, but I share the access for those who do. I am entitled to one or several questions.
Here is my own research:
Slavery is the right of the Emperor, as,well as there is, which he shares with his family and partners. The Emperor is Ratified, Crowned by the Pope, who is the ultimate law on Earth (see Vatican Jurisdiction studies about Treaty of Tordesillas, between Portugal and Spain dividing the Whole Planet in 1.438; on the Pope’s Crowning Of the Prince of Fortune, Hesperids, in 1343, by U. Santiago Chile), but the Emperor is elected by the Elector Princes of Brandemburg, the Lords of the Celtic, Saxon, Viking, Ostrogoth, Slavik, Arian Europe. Everything under accord.
So, we have a starting point of worldwide European colonies in the Whole Planet; Portugal, Spain, Holland/Scotland, British Empire Denmark Germany, Italy and the Swiss Money Guarding the Vatican State.
In all these worldwide empires, you didn’t have to be indian, arab, berber or cipayo to be a slave. A slave and so it is in the Word of the Holy Coran, is him who does not convert. To the Pope, in my line of reasoning.
When do we start freing white slaves?
Is the land we own but a granted property “for a while” because land tenure is diferent to land property and that belongs to the king and world secret central banking?
Act of 1871. A CIA, a Corporation was administratively created as Washington D.C. in order to consolidate the payment system of Lincoln’s debt to European Bankers. Prussian and Russian, we know, but you could think of a network involving rich funds of ruling or oligarch dinasties in the Far East, India, Persia, Saudi Arabia. These Banks, rulers in New York, in 1910, deviced their way into US congress as monetary Central Bank Regulator. Congress was on holiday that day and today we have “we give free money to Fred Fed”. Now, think of this. I am always appealing to the understanding than art, literature and human works in general, have an element of encrypted message, be it voluntary or unconsciously relating to other universal truths, just becaus reality is fractal and because Grand Mother Spider Weaves sincronicity, chance, Serendipity. Here is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writing of how Mr. Hyde and gang, met most secretly in Jeckyll Island to Jack the Ripper R.I.P. us all Off, printing money, taking gold away from value to value debt bubbles instead.

So, when a slave was freed, was he self owned? Or just emancipated as a legal little thing in name of the King. After the signing of USA constitution, amendments, etc, what happened to the white slaves allover the British Empire?
Are they still owned by the Queen? unless Catholic? a treat for all …Christians? Or did property transfer occur from the Queen to the new American State?
Where the English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese owners disposessed of their inmense estates legally held by, all compliant, international law, when rule changed from His Gracious Majesty, James II? I don’t think so. I think they all have different passports with different names in them. Lands, buildings, factories, shipping, fishing rights, tobacco monopolies, or mining exploits, since the times of Christopher Columbus. A man from La Gomera. Canary Islands, adopted by Castille’s Adelantado or Conqueror King Hernan Peraza’s wife, rumours are. They had just conquered Canaria and Tenerife and La Palma were last to fall, one after the other, after 1.491. It took them from the Crowning of the Prince of Fortune in Lyon, marking the Lyon dinasty of the new Emperor of the Holy German Roman Empire, this is 1.343. La Palma fell in 1.499. Granada’s moorish kingdom of South Spain Andalusia, in 1.492, at the time of Colombus’ voyage. La Palma is famous for Breña Baja fault, a landsliding Tsunami creator according to a study that msde MORTGAGE insurance impossible to pay in the US East Coast before the 2.008 subprime. Remember how they keep the Ponzi Scheme working? To introduce debt into the private fund investment market, banking, insurance services and keep an appearance o neat rentability, THEY DO MIX, the high risk, the middle risk and the low risk assets in all kinds of menus. It doesn’t pay to have money in the bank and overlords lure into risky investments. CEOs get their best incomes being lions of all for nothing. It is justified by competition for the best brains at it, among the world market bastards.
Back to my Guanches, Oanxis, if you consider that Oaxaca, Mexico, is pronounced Guajaca and that Carles Habsburg of Castille an Aragon, Holy German Roman Emperor, apart from being a Babel Tower language,confusion event, by design, organized a good show with the whole of Europe, on account of Reform by Luther and Erasmus. -(If you have European blood in your veins, your ancestors lived that horror. If you do not, your ancestors, most probably, lived those horrors)-… could any anybody think savages would resist the European push, that way, in seven, eight with Madeira, little islands meaning nothing, but the bridge to America and to the Slave Trade from the barbarian Almoravid and the Tuned Into Heaven Sufi Bargawatti culture, of which Granada was part and who were, ethnically, Jews of Old. Older than Moses’ Exodus. The Guanches kept the lore of our Ancients, the Melchizedek Priesthood of Noah. Here lived the Babylonian Oannes of the Linneage of,Jesus Christ, here lived Prester John, leader of Christianity and All Religions. The Dragon Keeper of the Ark. Tenesor Semidàn, grandfather of my Benartemi Xemaytha or Chemida or SEMITAH, was the last such Prester John. He pacted with Castille and the pact was betrayed many times. The most famous frase of Guanches in Canary Island history of 300 years of conquest and post conquest, until, maybe, 1.700, is ÖstroGoths speak double tongue, we still call them Godos, the Spanish people from the mainland. Many rebellions took place, continuously, in all 8 islands and, probably, Western Sahara to Agadir and to Dakhla or even as far south as Dakar and as far East as Lake Chad. Civilization all the way to Tanzania and South Africa, before the white Vandal destroyed all there was, with the aid of fundamentalist of the muslim world. Like a crab arm bite, on the whole globe.

Thats My Forbidden History of the Hesperid Sisters and The Elisean Gardens of Eden. I have nothing better to do, now, than to tell you about it, as I may, in future posts. You can consider the the Sphynx image as the Book Cover and this as one of the chapters that have been flowing into future cultural bombs for your neural networks. I wanna blow your mind, in other words, the Sphynx, the Queen of Hearts, Alice, dear, wants to Behead You. If you take symbolism literally you become a danger and we’ll have to put a force strap jacket on you and medicate yor brain out the way. All Yihadists and sympathetics, maybe, but I would prefer them eaten by locust wherever they are.

Part of the Act of 1871 scandal relates to the birth certificates of Americans, maybe to all of us, worldwide, I do not know but I accuse, in this, blindly.
Lawyers inform of how to emancipate citizens into Self Owned Citizens by going to the Governor’s Palace, ask for a given Federal Formulary to be filled in and stamped into the comunication tube. It is said that someone, the Federal Washingto D.C. Corporation, bound by Debt to Bankers, uses every Birth Certificate to borrow and invest in world markets, the amount of money a given individual can pay in taxes to the government in his lifetime. Whatever their mathematics are. Some people dream they can get their money back by freeing themselves. I have been learning by looking both at present and past USA, the The History of Civilizations to present, Europe, that the USA today lacks a good corp of Vatican Benedictines to erase a little the so many obvious workings of our world. They just count on this: everybody is looking the other way, saving their necks. What I am getting at, with all these preambles, I would expect a situation, at a given moment of present or future, of a Corporation Occupying a,Territory and Everything that lives in it,
because he gambled in the world casinos and he has the legality of the Pope to justify and this is why they need to have all Christians Beaheaded.
Terrifyingly True. Who would dare scratch further into the issue. Huh?
I just wanted to Honour Reverend King by saying that the Sphynx at Las Palmas Port of La Luz, would have rather been called The Harbour of The Sphynx of Rev. Martin Luther King, than harbour of Nelson Mandela. She said to Me. 20.000 Years Old. Unseen by all.
It cannot exist here, by the words we read, hear and believe. Yet, The Sphynx in Giza Plateau, was built in Her Likeness and Size!


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