The Rapture Event New Jerusalem

I Explained it in my previous post.
But I must say it is not for good christians, but for those who have cherished the Love of God into the Light and those who have done the Methodic Work of Healing all The Strees While Crucified. You can not do it without all sciences. It requires a Will to break yourself into your Highest Self, without forgetting your lows.
The Second Chakra is the most important of all. If you are not Honest, you can be God all the way up and your whole Kathara field Merkabas will be spinning anticlockwise. My Warriors are Gods all the way up, spinning correctly. You will be in Darkness and only see nice sweet to eat. They See and you are out of Business in Time.
And, it is a Cut. Frequenquencies are Evolving in their streaming into Earth from Space. Earth reacts Her way, like us hearing the cockerel or the alarm clock. Angels do their Work and Prepare to Receive, Heal and Grow in It. The rest are the Phantom Matrix folk.
Rei-ki is such a Revelation Tool, if you only practice with yourself, close encounters and everything you love in your universe. I learnt by myself, with the aid of yoga and psychofisical gymnastic pre-train, later a workshop of Humanistic Psycho-Dynamics broke my shields and Energy started flowing through my dead belly of unconscioussnes. Then I broke loose.
Diane Stein – Essential Reike
Barbara Anne Brennan – Hands that Heal 1,2,3,?
They Know What they are talking about and Brennan’s field of Medical Vision really, really, is out of this world.
Healers I recommend do retire and work on themselves. Don’t waste your Divine Food on swine who can look for God in the internet if they want. It is all free.
Only God’s love isn’t. As Dr. Chopra said.
My initiation on Energy Feel and Touch, was coetaneaus to my yoga. It was a little Book about Hellen Krüger’s TT. The Teurapeutic Touch that Nurses,practiced on post operatory patients in Los Angeles. They will close the Gas Leak in March. I am afraid of looking into it. The used to call me Freddy in Kimbolton, as Fernando seemed too difficult to pronounce by my roommate brats. They created a monster. I was already the smoker of the brand in photo;

This was before Elm Street and, this is funny, Freddy Krüger was the son of a nun. I think Ellen Krüeger was a Nun.
General Krüger, leader of the Boer army against the Britts, used to stop here and provide his troops with the best Virginian White and Yellow varieties of Dark Tobacco. For Warriors, indeed.
It it what Krüger means if you Germanize fron Krieg, war.
Have you ever played polarizing horror movies because you understand, due social psychology and market keys, that the Artists are forced to tell the truth the wrong way around. To freak you!
This where Donald Fagen starts singing:
It’s What I Do.


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