The Atlantean Demise

At the time, 9.543 b.C. a long time after the Solar Portal, Star Gate 4, surrender by ArchDemon Michael (in the view of the Melchizedech Cloister Order Speaker, Ashayana Dean) souls from 3° Density Universe in Orion, had infiltered,the Atlantean Races on Earth. This is what Mahabharata and Varuna Purana explain as the war between Assura Demons and Angelic Devas. Both sources disagree on whether Varuna is Archaengel Michael, destroying Poseidonia with a spaceship built by “the tigers”, a Priesthood of Chang or Kahn, or the King of the defeated assura demons. But they all agree, that the place is here, the Hesperid Sisters, Guardians of the Elisean Gardens.
This was the result of having given the StarGate away to the Luciferian Covenant. In Sumer-Babylon tradition We woul be talking of the heir in blood and soul of Enlil, his prolongation, having been sculpted by evolution and some amputing surgery of his own distorted self, being Michael, the Archaengel. He is Son of Annu as Thor is Son of Odin. Enki is Satan. Allullah, Nibiru’s King before Annu is Enoch’s and Asimov’s Azazel, my Asmodeus Universalis Imperator into the Black Hole with his empire; the Phantom matrix slashed away from the Time Matrix, by My Sword resetting the whole from the very Source, which is incoming now, in the form of the Alcyon Photon Beam bombardment activating the Reuche Pillars. That would be a New Jerusalem Rapture Event, eight years from now, I’m being told. I will say nothing of the team of foremother ladies but that one of them is Alive in many and that the rest can Phantom Matrix themselves with Asmodeus all they please.

The Man-Universe Chakra Body:
The First Density Universe, Earth, Sun,Centauri StarGate , is our Chakras 1. Magnetic – 2. Electric Polarity – 3. Mental.  They are our three basic fields of action here. 1 is root, family and blood. 2. Is duality, honesty, sex.
3. Conceps, Ideas, processing, common sense of all elements of the self in a purpose.
The Second Density Universe, Alcyon, Pleyades, StarGate, is made of Chakras 4. Heart, love, sensibility, delicacy.
5. Communication, Nourishment. Voice, Sing, taste of nectar in food.
6. Form, Geometry, Space, Vision,
This is the dimensional realm that starts in the astral lows of second hand mystics and witches, the ignorant kids playing with fire, thinking demons are gods because they are cleverer and have a better view of things. But they have plans of their own to rule the Universe against the Law, because they are lunatics who are sure that they are law evolved and that all other species or Angelic Linneageas we can do without. We hunt them to extinction.
The Third Density Universe, Mintaka, Orion, starts at our 7 Chakra, the Crown, this is Law and Order from Above and the valve for Light, as Chakra 1 is for grounding to earth.
Chakra 8 is an electric blue golf ball sized Azurite Crystal that flows from your thyme gland, at the top of your,heart and nourishes you from galactic core Force, made of Graviton Streams and to which you can tune by meditative visualization techniques. The Stargate for this is Alnitak, Orion. It is all about frequencies that create subtle structures of living Light that is actually liquid crystal, metals even, in the quantum dimensions. There is a forth Hydroplasmic Universe, after the Phisical 3D, the SemiEtheric and the Etheric densities. This is were the problem started, long long time before the Universe Big Banged the way we like seeing it. But see the point of singularity, anything goes before and after. Just meditate yourself into a living thread from Earth’s core, to the Sun, to Orion, to galactic center, breathe the galactic stream into you thyme gland, heal and wake up, it is time to go to war. But, if you reach the Source from which it all Flowers, the Light Fields of Kee Ra Sha and if you dissolve into the Choirs of Creator Beings of Pure Sound Vibration Consciousness. For God’s sake! Stay there and sing us good songs.

Back to the Atlantean Demise, this is My Story, never told. I was the Galactic Military Commander, in my base at the Martian Outpost. I was a Feline Human… I wonder if they still exist, somewhere. I do not think so. They are, probably, cats and people here on Earth, as well as other creatures, extermined by Atlantean King Melchizedek III attacking with horrible nukes sent in a huge spaceship. Interdimensinal physics of time, according to the Azurite Order Speaker, would have allowed spacetime blending or, as I see it now, a plasmarizing high technology event engineered among star systems from subtler dimensions, with peaks and lows of resonant waves which open vortex flows into the infinity subspace of the graviton field, from which you can tune to anything or anytime, given the right peak sincronicity, in a double event, the nuking of Mars and the implosion of a standing wave from Atlantis to Alnitak. This is not just world, star conquest, it is a genetic war for the best biological body to ascend and create big hustle in higher, subtler, more delicate blueprints for Creation and treading on all Flowers, blowing marvelliances (inventing words again, forgive my license) with the full might of powerful physical bodies who made it up there, in the higher density frequency universes, with every cell. Truly Satanic if you do not acquit to the Law of One. In the long term it is also the aim of Angelic EarthBorn linneages, and their healing program genetic soul guest, in Indigo Children host. At the moment, the soul on healing program has been hacked by ultradimensional relatives who have, thus, reached the Host Indigo Angel under control. It is that bad. Reason why I had to cut the hold of Atlantis to the African and Algarve fault lines and sink the whole thing down to the scattered Madeira, Salvajes, Canary Islands, Cape Verde. Atlantis was, actually, a flying Titan, a giant Earth Born living MotherShip. The image of the Statue of Liberty. The wand of fire is upside down, 200 nautical miles west of El Hierro island, 300 meters deep, 3 mile tall. The Book of The Law is Western Sahara. The stars on Her Crown, the Cape Verde, Madeira, the engine, fell from the sky above Algarve, Portugal, rolling into the position it is now. They were, they are, an assembling of minor living spaceships of Earth’s Science and Human Wisdom. Salvages were the mid waist axis and Poseidonia landed, parted in two around Oceanus, being Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the ruling city of the Atlantean domains. There other Atlantean Titans on Earth. I had to down them all. Save a few people, take them to a North Morocco underground system. Three thousand years later we emerged in Gizah, as the Osirian civilization, me having encarnated as Canaanean Nefilim in healing program to be later known as Osiris, the Founder, of our civlization as it was before the succccesive cyclic floods.

In the short term practice Ascension Techniques, as I have been teaching, adding, also, basic understanding of human self, yogas and wholeness principle and light-wave-frequency-sound medicine. You! Stop fooling around. Revise my work while centering on the body mind perception tools, understand Chakras, let the Universe flow into you. You will heal, you will accrete, you will enhance and you will be even bigger next time you are born into a new genetic body accretion; if you behave and war for the Honour of Your Own Blood as you received it from all your Ancestry, by the Will of God Creator and Ruler Eternal, “mal que os pese”, even if the idea really really sucks, it means, in Spanish. What I mean is, this is a long work. Considering yourself dead since you are 12 and expecting a good pass by into death forever, does not help you grow. Not believing in your own Eternity, not only does not save you from the torments you are fleeing from, hiding and protecting, saving others from your waking to your own innocence, is at the end of it. You keep it all for your eternal future too, being the concept future an absurd in the eternity tree that blossoms whenever, wherever, given the right conditions. Whatever the tools you use to stay still and nail the world and All That Is with you, they will Create, you are the Creator Son, the opposite of a gigantic debt bubble of pain, that is, no air but pain so real. And to protect yourself you have waged a science war that is nothing nothing nothing but a poor religion with a lot of NAZI propaganda control of you, slaves of your lowest passions into dissolution of anything you could have been.
From Daddy with Love.


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