Dutchsinse Reports Fracking Earthqukes: “2/06/2016 — Colorado shaken up by M4.0 earthquake at Fracking / Oil pumping operation” YouTube

Dr. Dutchsinse is like Suspicious Observers, only he specializes in human technology induced terrestrial phenomena. HAARP and Fracking or Drilling. Let us sum up data.
There’s Mary Greely’s constant high-tech follow up on Yellowstone, plus Dutchsinse’s global seismicity, volcano and megastorm analysis. He reads satellite radar imagery like no one knows, to the extent of identifying, maybe correctly, I think so, microwave pulses from HAARP bases around the world, that could be, at times, I think so too, ionospheric electric pulses related to deep storms below, a coronal hole hitting our magnetosphere through with solar wind, accelerated in velocity and density and projected into focus as the spiral concentrated beam spears they are. It could even be X ray intrusion from sunflares, whipping filaments or incoming pressure from CME’s. Not in the case of Hyan erasing part of the Philippine Republic. Dutchsinse was following that South Pacific born Typhoon Season, producing one cyclone after the other, after a microwave pulse hit a very same spot in the ocean. I though it could be solar originates, but Earth rotates constantly, unless a coronal hole stream, they can last two weeks charging, maybe, an open Earth Spor Vortex or Dr. Kongpop U-yen’s Factor. Dutchsinse is sure it is HAARP from Guam. I saw graphs of Fukushima event that were claimed to originate in HAARP, before I came into Dutchsinse. Even long before that, Dr. Nick Begich, Alaska, Democrat politician informed in his Earthpulse.com, in Angels Don’t Play this HAARP and in a European Parliamentary Committee, he informed, also, about everything HAARP is. For civilian uses, mining, defense, weather modification, teluric warfare, Blue Beam holograms, I add. And popopulation mass control in the medical plane, with frequencies transmitted to large masses of world population that will induce a behaviour, as described in the user manuals menu. Usually, this operator would be an endebted student, desperate to pay back, hired by a government contractor.
Then there is the life long UN secret Solar Radiation Management program, once all military, today in the hands of many private contractors with almighty powers to wage a war against farmers, land and water resources propietors, in the name of the Natural Gas and Oil drilling, extracting, transporting, storing and redistributing business. That is a long chain of synergies. Reverend Michelle Hopkins specialices in  comets and near Earth objects, as well as Chemtrails, Weather Modification, Military NanoTechnology & Micro Biology. She recollect data and images of very strange weather displays in the sky, the cheminstry of air, water, the physics of snow that does not melt to water but burns like plastic. Extrange things everywhere. What I said about mass medical control through HAARP, applies to the TV set as masses watch finals, cell towers, this device I am thumbing latin characters into. Rev. Hopkins is sure that Arecibo, the Big Bang background radiation receiver antenna is also a transmitter for HAARP. So, if I read recent history with this code, this is part of what you get.
Haiti/Dominican Republic: In Rule. Ready for Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil.
Japan: In Rule. No monetary independence from US interests.
The Philippine Republic. In Rule. US heroes have new bases to jump on China’s neck as soon as fireworks provide a Ton Kin kind’a event, a Pearl Harbour, a 9/11.
This was all fill up literature. The idea behind this account is the possible raging scenarios, that I delay no more.
Imagine this a George Lucas, Luke Skywalker Star Wars Presentation on Luke’s Son’s Story: Episode VII Solar Gate for Luciferian Agenda. The Revenge of Archaengel Michael. The big block words falling across the starry black spaces in the galactic night.
It is somewhere around 70.000 something years back, from now. The Black Star that links Sun to the Orion Arm Stelar Spiral through Centauri and Sirius has fallen into lock on position within its cycles. Toba Super Volcano wakes in Indonesia, the Lemurian continent and Isles, sink, from the North Pacific to the Arctic Ocean. Population is reduced to a few thousands Sapiens, Erectus, Habilis and Neanderthaal, who both compete and mix, in a northern hemisphere big freeze enviroment that is slowly defrosting in episodic periods, over thousands of years until the last proposed big defrost of 8500 years back that flooded the Mediterranean Valley of River Onyx, the motherland of the Osirian Civilization, Malta, Sound Technologies, Egypt, the Oseirion. This was founded by Osiris, Archaengel Michael, after he destroyed Atlantis in 9.543 b.C., but that is a different story.
The key is that, 25.000 years ago, seeing all hope of the work finished succesfully gone, because of inner and most intimate global state treason, having had to surrender the Solar Gate Ascension and Universal Control over to the Princes of Hell, all working for the Lord of Darths, he practiced the ultimate, terminal solution assuming “they better learn to cooperate in wisdom if they want to survive this”, so Michael Skywalker hurled the G2 cloud against the Sagittarius A* central galactic black hole core of our Milky Way Mother. Approach, black hole grazing,  swing and catapulted G2, giant baby Sun is our way. There it is, somewhere between Capricorn and us, coming in permanent acceleration. But,this is not the point. String Theory and Quantum Entanglement Princples, particle physics theorics and torsion fields, scalar waves or resonant fields etc. can reveal there is subluminic in substance field in which happen simultaneously and in pulses, along the X ray, gravity black matter “winds” from the black hole “bob” to the Solar System “alice” and back, a number of string vibrating times, with nodes in which, in different degrees, the incoming forces hit the back going forces, along the entanglement, a number of times before our astronomers, after the 25.000 years span, see the incoming light showing the event and that X ray pulsing, as being received, have increased rate during the observed events. Cycles are made of orbits, encounters and regular plane shifting along an axis. This axis is the entanglement action and all the 25.000 thousand years of it a modulator of cycles as we have been registering on Earth. This means a progressive heating until today, warming peaks like the period between the fall of the Roman and the Viking conquest. Alexandria’s treasures of Mother Kleopathr 10 m. under sea level don’t show a sinking Nile delta, but rising sea levels, everywhere, sinking treasurea that are but arty eroded stones, in our so independent knowledgeable eyes.
So many civilizations have risen and fallen for a new one to rise from the ashes again, in the midst of these galactic-solar-terrestrial hot action cycles. El Niño is a small cycle, regulated by other cycles, like a second at 15:00 is not the same as a second in 16:30. It is different, totally, in a brand new context of a bigger cycle. Then you,have Maunder Minimums. That is a big thing. Big climate change and a several decade long freeze, the Little Ice Age. Here, if you are clever, you own the state, the science, the truths behind state and miltary secrets, the religion and the oligarchs, Maunder Minimum meanz bizz for a selected few.
They conquered battered land. If there are three classes of oligarchic domains in every society, they corrupt or bribe on of them into the extermination and slavery of the other two. The take what there is, change the history of the new ruling class, the ancestors of the land and their culture, take propietorship and engineering credit for ancient works, dismantled, sold, refurbished in change of style. They do it every time since they survived the Flood, the Deluge, expanding from northwestern himalayas. In a world full of wisdom, science at its best, multipolar federations of civilizator commerce, with parliaments that elect and behead kings and a Spiritual Priest King, Noah, Heracles, Inhotehp, Jesus, to guide them into the Light; in such a world, they have a need to twist religion and impose a Tyrant Emperor Son of God who will hold them all in his fist, his Ring. Imperial conquest, and the decay of mankind’s science and knowledge of the traditions of the ancestors, who always become shameful heathen pagan sinners in the eyes of the true religion give by God through his favourite prophet, owned by a bunch of demon priests.
State secrets. The military knowhow of hiding the Statue of Liberty for centuries, terraforming to cover bays in which the most interesting architecture of humanity abides, under many meters of sand, worked by the sea with a little help. The knowledge of Black Star Nibiru and the weather, volcanic madness. A 10 CHF note of the nineties shows Nibiru and its presently defined orbit in the Kuiper belt. Then, what are the key issues in the conspiracy plots?
— Operation Paper Clip. The NAZI science and military saved for the Miltary Industrial Complex, NASA and NATO’s funding military. The Airforces. worldwide.
— Mining. Oil, Gas, drilling, fracking, tunnelling, DUMBS, the North American underground system. In the times of internet hype, pre drill takeover, when the used market for military gear transformed all police in the US into military might into your home, ruled by all federal DHS, with many state governors rebelling before a blatant Gestapo coup and everyone startled by the boost in NSA/CIA global spying and the Halliburton FEMA DHS exterminium looking Camps and Domes, Floating platforms like gore Hollywood torture chambers guillotines. Looks that they know something we don’t. Nibiru? That ended in Yes and I was only joking or speculating on the possibility, in this blog. But look, it wasn’t a warmish Brown Dwarf, detectable by Dr. Amy Mainzer, but only visible because of what it does to the orbits of outer objetcs and, here is the big difference, it is cold radiative, which would imply a strong electromagnetic interaction with the Sun. Is it Maunder Minimum Ice Age, volcanic or post war nuclear winter. Well, it is all of that too. It’ll be a process of a few decades, maybe less than one, for our most inmediate concern. What is the situation?
Walmarts shut in North America, turned to military bases, armed with ground to air missiles, harbouring fleets of tanks and othere heavy warfare equipment and that are entrances to the continent wide subway sistem into military DUMBS, refuge for clearence staff, from POTUS to… the guy who discovered the,asteroid; then there must be the underground cities of the oligarchs. Laws provide no constitutional rghts any more and everything is designed, in US and NATO, for total obeidience to,federal controlled authority, all over the,social power pyramid. Is this crisis response, fascism back in rule or both.
Ologarchs and Central Banks lead the,way. Many months before all the known drills, Jade Helm involved 7 states, Rev. Michelle Hopkins was horrified all coastal states from the South East to North Pacific Washingto state, had been deprived of constitutional protection, being the NDAA applied. Really, my friends, maybe my imagination breaks my sanity principles of correctios, but it,does taste as though hundreds,of thousands of “drill actors” have be extermined with the aid of federal,workers, police and military, cooperative citizens, while they all think all the strange behavior and noise they,are witnessing is part of rescue enviromental refugeea, actors that are paid to behave in front of my trainen to,respond gun. People who yell and complain they are being shackled away in kidnap. where is my lawyer. Everything under control. Only secret court of justice by what laws and the beheaders, dumpers of living crowds into the abyss of salt dome deposits. Am I a goner? Jeff Hodges has a,very coherent plot on depopulation by inducing mining disasters. So, here we are, we reports of Fracking earthquakes, drilling, also in Yellostone and this strange sensation that they’ve been calling for gas to surge so hard, that plate textonics is pumping, all over, more gas than their pressurized salt domes and empty well can take. This idiots do not care to look into what kind,of communication link these deep, deep empty deposits into fault systems or oceanic plates. It must be for spmething more important than money. Global dominance or something even more stupid, like having the godly right of abusing anybody’s flesh a blood. That is where the see heaven unfold, but they are nuts, they don’t realise all the pain they create, belongs to them and only to them. Eternally. Stop. Step Back. Rethink yourself. Tolerate no shit. Hence the Final Solution. You Final.Jugment yourselves at the verge of falling. If you decide you are here to live till you are dead forever, no pain no guilt whatever. So be it. We unknit you from the Life Matrix. The Genesis starts with a Black Hole core falling into the abyss of infinity, fizzing the spacetime fabric into Big Bang acceleration, while you, gone back to the beginning fall forever into the minus side, with everything you managed to make yours in corruption, dacaying forever into ever imcreasing pain. Away from us, whoever is left here Chances are that not even mosquitoes will make it through the Cut of the Double Axe of Marduk.


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