Sananda Report: Medical Psychology: Beyond All Frontiers of The Real: Omega Point(less?) Theory | Friend of Reason
I was looking for data on Dr. Brown’s Omega Point. Ken Wilber writes about it.. or is it Stefano Sabeti? … Grof? …Wilber, I think. I can’t even remember the title of the two books that he wrote that I devoured. One is about Buddhist Psychology/ Psichoanalitic School coincidences in, for example, the genesis of the Elektra/Edoepus complexes, yin/yang, tanathos/eros. Grof takes this to the Perinatal Matrixes Experience of our conception to birth period, with absolute detail. Aggresion and Response. Hedonism: sadism, masochism, narcism; the anal, phallic and oral lock-on positions of the characters we are. This is all deeply explained by Armando Molinas’s Our Ways, Values and Character, which is a Formal, scientific, medical approach to a a tiny bit of a Sufi Body of Knowledge. This, Mr. Oscar Hichazo sequestered from Central Asia, or the Caucasus Region. The School of Gourdijeff, as Rodney Collins proves in The Growth of Light, has deep insights into the the life moves of the nine pointed Enneagram Star. Hichazo taught it in desert of Arica, Peru, in Shammanic style workshop retirements, with sensorial extremes treatments like sleeplessness. Break your demon through and heal! Dr. Reich’s Abreaction Principle, from beginning to end. Dr. Naranjo picked it, centered on Demonology as a Psychiatrist would, and taught it in California, to groups who of todays masters of The Enneagram, who were all legal suited for copyright Issues by Mr. Hichazo. The good ones, apart from Naranjo and Molina, are Riso and Palmer. They are both cited by Molina in his work, that he published as Formal Axiology to fool Hichazo’s law. So, in Molinàs work, the trinary structure of the nine types turns into the three pure ones, 9, 3 6, the center of the star equilateral triangle, into II, EE, SS, where I stands for Intrinsecal, endogeneus substance and self perception in the all, E stand for pure Extrinsecal Practical Action Commercial Image and S for Sistemic order of logic, reason and coercive dogma. II will be of picnic, endomorphic constitution with visceral growth and power center, EE is athlétic, mesomorphic, with strong muscles and bones and SS is asthenic, ectomorphic, with a fine and boosted neural development. Then, there are the other six permutations and the three subtypes for each of the nine. Mr. Molina taught me all about typical behaviours, attitides, body, facial, eye postures and voic rings, my speciality. Also about the three subtypes in each character. The S subtype is called Sexual because of the organic voltage, a 360V., metaphorically, he looks for Sense and Coherence. The I subtype is called Conservation. There is a fear of loss of food, money, tender loving or reason. These are the 120V. The Socials are a 220V fizz that devours everything in their gracious, practical know how sales marketing masters. They are Belzebuths. Kings of this world, and we love them because the world we believe true moves in their executive rule. Dr. Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism explains the psychodinamics of authoritarian Patriarchy, so does Naranjo, in the individual and social genesis of, for example, violent neo Nazi gangs that end up as NATO’s favourite foreign legions, directed by CIA allover and trained on battle ground and abroad, in US homeland, by the best US Infantry Brigade 404, in Colorado, in the case of Ukraines, indomitable Azov Brigade, and private contractors in other cases. My Medicine Heroes of Body, Mind and Souls, explain why we take in and support, patriotically in terms of Free West, all this Bloody Nonsense.
So. Back to top. The Omega Point by Dr. Brown. If you see an omega letter Greek glyph, you place a mark at the top center of the curve, for a NORMAL PERSON. You can follow the lines both sides, to the bottom of the glyph, to place a HEALTHY PERSON, close, at the other side of the gap of The Lunatic. I don’t know if we could knit this into the Enneagram, as Michael Hernandez-Gilbert, my cousin from Georgia, likes to say, Does It Matter (mar-ar)? And this is where I introduce this link I found about people who go out of reason to reason what-the-hecks. The Omega Point shows that the Normals only see themselves, that a Healthy one Perceives and Interprets Correctly and that the Lunatic sees everyone as crazy as themselves, specially the Healthy Ones. Dr. Deepak Chopra, Oncology, explains this phenomenom of the invisible Healthy One, but for the Lunatic, in a marvellous novel about the Coming of The Antichrist. It already happened before my body eyes. To you, it is all Business as Usual, as Chopra explains.
As for The Arica Issue, arised in the Enneagram – Esalem, Berkley, Vatican of True Science & Theology for Today, community, when Hichazo law-suited them all. I had the chance to read his long response to their claims. A touhg guy indeed. I agree and so does Dr. Naranjo in self defense, that the psychological technical implemententions of the system, as taught by Naranjo in the USA, for self knowledge, identifying acquaintances, Staff Selection and Educatiom Magement Resources, Medical Veiw Enhancements etc., is only a minute, and so he told them all, part of an All Encompassing System That Moves and Locks The All, at Will. Whose? This is what the guys in the link argüe about on grounds of Universal Expansion Vs. Contraction Thesis. A very interesting philosophical joke that sort of jolts the mind, my mind, still. So when these friends of mine, unmet, in California, say. Hey man, this was already being taught by Gourdjeff’s 4th Way School. I personally dislike Ouspenskis’ Ways, I must say. Obeidiance to The School in Absolute Submission, I believe I understood. Only to Your onw Way To Heaven. Get what they give, when useful, and get the fuck out as soon as you must, all schools, all religions, all sciences, even. The Universe is Ever Transforming, as you want to keep still as a Tree or a Rock, in your undermining idealization of Rocks and Trees. Talk to Them, talk to Mosquitoes, be Them in the Faunus.
Anyways (a Norwegian Jan Olsen’s contribution to my teen’s English), mister Hichazo, here is the because of my mock translation to Spanish Hachazo, a Hit Cut with an Axe, responded violently that Gourdjeff was an alcoholic dead of hepatic cirrhosis. How can anybody fall so low? We never knew about The System, from him. Where as Rodney Collins is a Wide Eye Opener Into History Fractal Evolution, AND THE INTIMATE ALCHEMY OF THE PROCESS OF THE FUSION OF ELEMENTS INTO LINNEAGES. I will produce a Paper, here, in the near future, that I have been working to completio with the final aid of the works that I shared in this blog, my numbered Course on Wholeness Sciences and Medicines, including the Anthropology Realm, which is what it is all about. Specially, my they-could-be-heroes-but-they-are-the-most-destructive-demons guys at the Hadron Collider, who have redefined and classified and explained all subatomic particles to my full understanding to redifine the Whole Atom as we know it, much in the way I redefined the virical explansion swarms and waves. An example of this would be, hold on tight to your seats:
Salt is created by fusion reactions, atmospheric, solar, gamma rays generated, on surface waters. Water is alive and starts buildin shells of salt out of a Na- antipositron and Cl+ positron, helium and electrons, photons freed to a 40cm tall Diabatic Layer of Thermal Equilibrium above ocean surface. Water organis start the evolutionaty path into Foraminifera microorganisms, mothers of all Calcium ever existed, now Moon, Mountain Ranges on Earth and the white facto in all beaches. You can only see them in the eletronic microscope and they are already fully grown crustacean krill, plancton. Under the the Antartic Ice, enviroments have been found to contain microbiology life that could be understood as fully grown big Earth mammals project. Isn’t Life Just So Marvellous and full of Mystery, Who Wrote the Laws of The Universe for things to so Flower? Chance, Friends of Reason?


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