The Sananda Report on Zika & Los Angeles Area: Snapshot of natural gas leaks | Environmental Defense Fund
Let us start here. Leak is pipilines. New leaks are bursting and last article I toppled upon that seemed interesting and amazing worldwide problem is more than two weeks old. What happened to This study does not seem to have a date at surface read. I know John Kerry and family as well as other impotartant state and federal officials have been relocated.
These guys se a bad quality pipe with apalling mantainance. I see an empty well re-used as gas deposit under the highest pressure, then burst due to earth crust natural expansion under heat periods, such as this El Niño season, which has all to do with general unrest in the pacific ring of fire and Yellostone mechanics radiating! A different issue is, I learned all about Photolisis, the ambient gamma ray fusion-fission chemistry of gases and plant photosynthesis, studying the CH4 decay into CO, CO2, H20, and the depletion of all the oxygen in the proces. A CH6O3 dioxine living poison as by product, I dare guess. Something that impedes snowmelt like plastic? Thigs that have been reported. So, the question here is, does Los Angeles still exist as a social entity? Is all the area involves about to go boom? Has it?

The Zika report:
For all you need to know any tropical mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, Aedes Albopictus and others transmit zika, dengue, yellow fever and Chikungunya.
Albopictus has been conquering the americas since 1986 with chikungunya, adapting well to dengue and outnumbering the Aegypti. In 2014 an Indonesian strain of African Zika spread to the south Pacific and Easter Islands. Brazil games with Easter Island teams who seem to have been infected by Albopictus between Vanatu and New Zaeland is the ultimate tracking into America, into a well adapted host. I see a possible relationship of this Indonesian Strand with Japanese Encephalitis, also vectored by another variety of mosquito and Equine Herpex, a global pandemic with the same symptons as Japanese Encephalitis on horses AND, listed, the Equine Virus, by NASA as DARPA XXVC. Warfare Projects Now. I remember it was a worlwide problem detected in the beef horsemeat mix, horses sick every where, with high fevers and a lot of pain, heavy losses in horse sports business. Venezuela was specially stricken, but I seem to remember it all started with the anglo world of horse in south Pacific to UK, CANADA and US. This was 2011/2012.
So, what is your problem?
If a mosquito transmits Zika to you, you will become the vector, if you happen to notice, you will be slightly treated for the fever, while your husband can transmit it to you and your so conceived baby, who will burn in fever inside you to manifes a Microcefalia. So Zika seems to specialize in dissolving neural and marrow tissue in infants, where the Japanese is older children and teen agers and, finally, chikungunia curves the elder in painful contraction. Same thing to me, all of it, essentially.
So you must treat the virus to extintion even if you are not sick. See a private doctor for possible Tamiflu or homeopathic medicine, specially for the pregnant mum, the lactant baby, children in general. The reaction in Nipon teeners when Tamiflù was prescribed for respiratory SARS, tells me of an overdose of succes against the mosquito transmitted Encephalitis.
Take. 1.700.000 infections counted. Hoe much % is that of the real number? Mosquitoes take Zika from infected people and re infect.




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