Black Dwarf Inside – Amy Mainzer NEO/WISE Proof: “Brown Dwarf Here, Sunspot Alert | S0 News Dec.13.2015” YouTube

It happenned almost two months ago.
Did I ever mention my model for the Sun-Sirius-Orion-Peiads Star Spiral System? We are linked to Centauri by dead stars, at least this one. beyond the reach of Brown Dwarf detecting infra-red. Only 200 AU away, 4x Pluto distance. Inside the Kuiper Belt and resulting in a 70.000 year old extintion fenomena. Lake Toba supervolcano, initiation of the 70.000 year long, freeze, defreeze, warming, period. Anthropology of the late 90’s claimed only 8.000 Homos, Erectus, Sapiens, Neanderthal and later Cro-Magnon hybrids, were left alive on earth, before the Sapiens migration from Africa 50.000 years ago. The problem here is that chinese anthropology has found 200.000 year old Sapiens and that, lately, the population of the Americas has flown back, by US anthropology to the 70.000 years ago period.
Doctor Amy Mainzer, Manager of NASA NEO/WISE Infrared Object Detector, are you married?

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