Columbus College – Sevilla – Spain

Here I go, a man of the oligarchs in the making, gone through the Spanish basic educational system and catapulted into the British – American way of life of overseas student-teacher programs. I started reading Newsweek and Time magazine at 15. British School, local, Kimbolton School in Cambridgeshire, boarding with the children of my NATO heroes on long term foreign assignments. In Holland, Germany and Brussels, many of them. My fellow kid were Her Majestiés Bicycle Regiment and their collective military training was stunning. I refused. I did my own real thing later, as an army corporal in the recruitment office, I am back in town, if you have read and seen.
The American School of the igloos in Los Hoyos, Las Palmas, was even more interesting. I did an all US schools in Europe, Model United Nations, in Hague, Holland, I smoked a tremendous joint with Iru, my Korean 150 IQ, don’t I miss him, school friend. We leart high diplomacy, how a given country, Paraguay, works, and how things are done in the UN. How to write and lobby a resolution and work in commisions and territorial or economic blocs. Carol was there, from Seattle. Her dad was the manteinance engineer of the pioneer fast hydrofoils, a mishap for cetaceans, travelling like buses among the island. Steve Carver was the HeadMistresses husband. He, a high tech engineer in oil drills, the kind of man you send with his team, to rescue a sunken Russian submarine. I see they were all CIA and MI5, like my wife and kids. Ms. Stevens was out of this world, she taught angloamerican and world literature and she’s Joni Mitchell’s California Twin. Her Dad a nuke phycisist working for the military, like my own cousin in a US graviton seeking particle accelerator and what else. She is married to Matt Wuerker, keeping revolution in not changing her maiden!s name in submission to the male. This antimilitaristic rebellion against male authority daddy, was mocked by Matt, a very famous US political cartoonist in the most relevant press, portraying her shrunken into wrinkles, eyes closed real tight as a nuke fell tip into her Crown Chakra. You should heal that painting a Lotus Flower instead, Matt, my friend. He drew me a birthday card at 18, and he signed his own caricature on a,Spanish edition of a book by Dr. Peters, not the Peter Principle of maximum incompetence that leads today, that he had illustrated in every single page. A master. And before that, the most amazing plasticine movie about dinosaurs. A real guy, a real couple.
So here I am. In Seville, in the CIA Spanish oligarchs network, which would, maybe. deserve a time for literature some other time. But this divagations of mine were the foreward to the following, very relevant things that the US gurus teach us, heathen illiterate barbarians.
1. 1929 WallStreet Crash.
I did a work on that with top mark from mister Keynes, I cannot remember his name, Johnson? He was good. I have read a few very interesting accounts of how markets corrected at the time, but NONE mention what was the Thesis of my work. US had to pay France a certain amount of Gold. A huge amount. The transporting convoy sunk with market liquidity… or something! Who could tell where that gold really is?
2. Philosophy of Entrepeneurship.
You are not what you own, but what you are credited. This is the educational propaganda that has endebted every,nation and given the necks of national corporations to transnational no law abides, empires.
3. Philosofy of Management of Human Resources. Play the good cop, bad cop game with your worker. Divide them and you will be victorious. This is what I call killing your own golden hen before producing any golds. Entrepeneurs must go for the coppers, many many coppers.
4. The Trade Union Falacy. If you introduce the 35 hour week the sky will fall on our heads and that’ll be the end of it all. Now we have all encompassing underemployment for slaves.
If you look at the devastating results, for, USA and Mexico, of the ALCA free commerce treaty, you will realise what is happening to all peoples in Europe, the Pacific and the USA, where another class of capital oligarchs has taken over the rule of law into global slavery of all of us, no caring but about our football, pickles and beers. Agenda 21is UN’s blessings for the slaughter massacres inbound, in progress.
5. Marketing Your Product or Service.
Change the label, say it’s new, an advancement in science, change nothing essential in the formula and sell them the same many thousand year old herbal glycerine soap, as the miracle of modernity. Make the bottle sexier!
In the Oligarchic Heriarchy of things I was introduced into the global Spy/Oligarch educational system as the substitute reserve of Suzie Cox, who was the Chrysler Europe to be, till Chrysler/Talbot/Barreiros became the first victims of Reagan’s liberal policies and corporate America’s stupid and destructive colonizing policies. Doesn’t being a Domínguez-Guedes entitle me to, for example, being the man in Europe for Tesla Motors and all they’ve got?
Another thing. When Spain left Western Sahara my stock of Barreiros lorries and cars, Rootes, Simca, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, could someone help me claim it all back? Anyone but the Clinton’s please, send king Mohamned VI of Morocco my greetings?
My lorries and vans, please, your majesty.
In 1929, at the time of the Crash. My grandfather, Jack Guedes, was Golf National Champion in Spain. Two days before the civil war, he was Tennis Master Champ, before that it was billiards and snooker. In times of Franco’s dictatorship, he was a relevant member of Saint Andrews, the nest of golf in Scotland. When he walked into some, renouned golf clubs in Great Britain, the banner of Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas, most ancient club in Spain, founded by the Canary Islander English families back in 1898, in exchange for Cuba and the Philippine Republic. The Spanish Golf Federation, meeting in exile in Estoril, Portugal, included the Mountbatten Count of Barcelona, grandfather to Spain’s,present king and his friend, Jack Guedes, sitting next to him. Jack Guedes, in sports business means Dunlop. Know what I mean, mate?
And this is where I resume my heritage for what my dad and I left undone.
Anecdote: Kimbolton School, lazy me, Spanish lessons for A level; I learned so much from mr Tips and that is them all my teachers, Welsh, Rhodesian Boer or Philadelphian Newkirk. Must be high in Langley now. Scottish Marchetti “o sole mío” for Maths! I need him for the transfinits of Robert S. Hartman. They do markets too, you know. Formal Axiology. Anyway. Mr. Burn produces a Cambio16, a Spanish Newsweek, so to speak, with a Special on Canary Island business 1980/1981. An interview of the most prominent business man in the islands. My dad. Coining the “Miniature Continent” topic, stunningly true. We invent tourism resources explotation, the banking system boost an unfair treatment of the resources an territory aggression and then “STEP OUT THE WAY YOU!”, “this is not about producing but about inducing to debt and I have ruined you.
Oh yes you have!
Before a general loss of confidence, my dad saved the Caja Insular de Ahorros, a social trust bank. This bank disappeared, later, into Rodrigo Rato’s Bankia and the number of foreign accounts, opaque credit cards for “the pirate zombie network” still don’t wake you up about the IMF. They fell with Bank of America and Fanny Mae in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme. IT WAS a war from central banking to destroy the humanitarian resources of the peoples of a given territory. You didn’t even notice. You still want payroll judges to explain what you will not figure out for yourselves. So scary. Yes. It is scary seeing your sweet dreams in the midst of real hell unleashed on Earth. Who by? Did he write a book for all?
Mario Conde was the star before Rato. Young president of Banesto the song was Alan Parsons’s I Robot, “I really wanna be like you”. Jack Guedes refused to shake his hand at Bandama,Golf. He is a thief! He told Carlitos Alonso, his motor business competitor.
Conde ended in prison. I believe he is still there. No rules no more, though, but WallStreet regulator rules, means shit none, spreading to all markets and central banks. A Carta Magna, of the people, for the people, means absolutlely nothing today.
This is why Generation X is requesting “morte súbita” in the name of the peoples of the NATO Republic. Join Russia and China in cleaning this Holy Planet of The Pirate Zombie Complex.
As for my mom’s lot. Hey! We are the,Siemens, the light bulb! all for naval, agro and all engine egineering in the Canary Islands. We are the Millares, we,study and write the History, the language. My Tio Agustín Millares Carló is stiil remembered in Mexico D.F. University and his cousin, Yvonne de Carlo, still remembered in Hollywood. Wine makers Gonzalez-Byass and Ruiiz in Jerez. Military commanders throughout the history of ostrogoths and Spain and a whole lot more, as Max Bitcoin Keiser like saying. I’m am not here for histrionic sense of humour. I mean Crucify or King.
Back to the Keiser. He reported, he has a show with Stacey Herbert, a must see when he doesn’t spoil it with his psychokiller clown show, on the WallStreet man whose witnessing put 1.000 bankers in jail in the US. He was tesrifying on the Irish bail out and previous crash. The judge took part of his testimony out of the court records for the cause. Specially, the paragraph in which he clearly stated, oh, BCE! Oh IMF! That it was not, anywhere in Europe after the hedge fund crisis, a liquidiry problem, as we were told, but a problem of insolvency, bad investment, loss of value, which we all, from the US to the Greek taxpayer, had to bail out miserably in the line of General Attourney Eric Holder’s too big to jail policy. NATO citizens, we have been robbed by the New York Federal Reserve’ Global Club and nobody, absolutely nobody, is seein the whole picture as I do, or even care to check or share my words in any subject. Enough is enough. Mr. David Icke! Do something! Shake’em up those fools!


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