Talkin’ ’bout The Weather

A farmer, he produces superb white Ambrosia from Teneriffe, as William Shakespeare versed it, he asked me about rain. I said “science fiction”, I see no sky for rain in a week and the chill, when it smoothes in, does not come from the north, as it should…” “…but from the south” he finished. “You have noticed!


So, why would the upper layers of the atmosphere press down on the normal range weather pattern predictions and keep blowing dry air from pre-equatorial North Africa into due west?

One of the things that come to mind is the NASA register for polarity in both north and south poles. What I am seeing is that, if polarity doubled in positive during the summer in the antartic winter, would it be we are entering the hottest polarity of the sun’s recently discovery of a constant 2 year cycle, that matches both this El Niño playing in our backyards, as well as the so well known 11 year cycles of polarity flips.
Therefore, guessing I am correct I would dare a 100 Yuan bet on:
The heat on the southern hemisphere, this summer is overwhelmingly pressing on cold layers from above. And the worse tropospheric ice melt ever seen will father extremes like nothing seen in the 200 years of the body of knowledge, which we possess as the ultimate truth and that certifies you are a machine capable of mental processes, induced by the medium, media, is what they do.
I also fear volcanos, as I explained during the summer months of my Solar-Terrestrial Interactions Field Study, do need more refreshing if solar radiance keeps pumping positive protons in.
Remember, do some research on social efects of The Maunder Minimum, between 1450 and 1800. Lots of big quakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, crop collapse, famine, plague, pests, wars and worse.
Then there is this. I startet my introduction to Wholeness Principle Science with the G2 cloud rendezvouzing galactic center 25.000 thousand years ago. And then they detect X ray pulses from galactic center turn on from 1 in ten days to one daily. Go and check that to.
Tell me NASA, is everything going nominal or is polarity a sure thing for a deep impact strike from space, if Earth’s negative charge is not strong to repel? Do not fear my folk, asteroids and comets have no charge, according to NASA, regardless of mass, speed or spin. Absurd!

Though for the day: If God loves You and You Love Them, they will eat God from existence.

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