About The Spider on Mars – Updating The “About This Blog”


Is this really Mars? Or is it the Sacred Seal to the Resting Place of the Ancestors of American Indigenous Armies in the Land of Comanches, Navajos, Pueblos, Seminolas, Lakotas and all the Arawak speaking nations all the way down to the Patagonian South? Arizona, maybe? Animas River, Colorado? Toxic yellow now!

A few minutes after. As I searched for the image to illustrate this post I found Mars Spiders about to obscure it in the google search heuristics. It is just hours fresh that spider web structures have been photographed on the Martian surface, due to water, I think I gave myself just enough time to gather that.
The thing is, I can only relate that to the cyclic solar weather we have been sharing with Mars and the other planets. It is a whole solar system heat up, this is not new, just more facts to support it. This weather, locally speaking, is just so much out of anything I have ever seen! Autumn? No. Winter? Maybe after Spring? Who knows. I read papers on the effect of heat on tropospheric ice in recent past winters, related to northwest US and Canada. It is not just El Niño, Californians, there is also the North Pacific Blob of warm water, a thirty year cycle, climatogists claim after 40 years in business. A cycle of nuclear leaks, from the Bikini style testing to Fukushima, I would say. Did you know farmers use, radioactive by Fukushima, Pacific Kelp in their land treatment procedures. You never know if things stop happenning or if it is just the media, silencing your senses like soldiers would.

If you are new to this blog here is the Index
I start with Psychology, Theology, Philosophy applied to Quantum Physics and Cosmology. I touch geopolitics, financial knowhow and militarism, with links to Pahana’s blog The Great Warrior.
After a bit of looking into the sun I started, before spring ended, a summer long study, a true breakthrough in science, using the tools available to my phone to relate, consistently:
Cosmic Cycles/Solar Activity/Heat/Vulcanicty-Faul Line gravity Waves/Weather/Economy/Social Health

After that I start my Introduction to Wholeness Principle Cosmology and Science.
Then I call warriors to training and for brains to work on Star Wars solutions.
Then I show you Atlantis,
Then I start war.
Forgive my sense of humour!


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