I discovered Atlantis, with God’s guidence, into nightmaring places, at times. I’ve been inspecting Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Gomera; other places, like Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, South Morocco and the other islands by means of history and science papers, as well as photos that can date as far back as 1830’s. Like in cold war Kremlinology, what you don’t see is more relevant that what you see. Paintings and photos, while erasing is not over, are a state secret thing. I did look into Google Earth at key places. I may have more than two hundred interesting pics, for a very graphic Forbidden History of Canary Islands and the Universe.
I took this picture just now. I realised, after a time living here, that seeing was a matter of the perfect angle for light to,stream into the objects. It changes through the day and through the seasons; then there is also the changes on the texture of the covering forest.
Today, my patience has been rewarded with this fantastic show, which I will not share with my folk no more. I post it here, in case someone may think it holy to eat those who ravage the most sacred treasures of all humanity. I mean Sacred!


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