Boxing Day

Christmas by the cosmic calendar. Merry be you! I Santaed myself a karaoke for my jazz show. If © issues arise about me hacking Coltrane, Gillespie, Miles or Chick Corea, I’ll be so pleased to settle with them or descendants. In the meantime, I think I have a partner for my Enviromental Engineering Services. I can tell him, as a technician, how to protect buildings from lifeforce compromising EMFs. The market is empty because of the poverty of modern science paradigms, medical!
I told my “brethen” my full scope, I am listening to a wonderful modern new age freaky arp with tinkling bell and grave strings keeping ground, a work of Carlos Santana and I just, many minutes ago, took a bad pic of the moon.
Dust has come to stay. It was white and clotted as it ever was, today, then it turned yellowish in the late afternoon.
Summer is not leaving! I think heat is flying in jets through the north pole and that winter will break in surprise, because fusion reactions occur that make this travelling heat fuel for water generation in the arctic vertical. There is also the, presumably, melting layer of ice, up in the stratosphere, if you are rather mechanical for science.
I’m not looking out, I mean, I don’t know how your home weather is looking, but you can surely use my experience when you look at you cloud, sometimes it me sending by Non Plus Ultra Express.
See you,


Alice. Puff, puff.

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