Al Jarreau – Spain (Best version):

Sad. The initial news of the results of parliamentary election seemed “nice” (that means nothing in English, Mrs. Williams insisted) bur the details were worrysome enough without looking into the detail of interest, a local outcome.
Bad, real bad. In short: Catalunya is going independent whatever, there will be revolts and a reaction, a use of force which, if unmeasured, will in fact lead to civil war: Why? Because every NATO country has their enemies in their own, military, police, judiciary system and the vertical powerline to your doorstep.
Now, it relates that an acquaintace was invited to a masonic temple. He mentioned and inverted cross. Satanism! I said. To you here: The cross is a machine that Christs manouvres. Through It, those rise to Heaven and the other gang drop into south galactic center. If you invert it and ritualize in “mass” you free the demons. You’ll think you are being initiated, for it feel good feeling energy running where it has never been, in multiple disconnected layers of yourself allover your physique. You will do anything but just kneel in adoration and plea, before a Virgin, a Cross, an Ankh, an Obelisk, a Pyramid, Spirulina… that Mosquito that just bit you or the elephant that is riding the mosquito. Happy solstice not christmas Alice.


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