Fisheries Collapse and Predictive Science Not Prophecy

Last time I shared a NASA product related to surface temperatures I had the chance to come accross and take a mental note, for now, several weeks after: The correlation of ocean heat with salinity in two graphs in the same window. Your brain stablishes the correlation without mathematical calculus. A change of this might, accimulated ‘el niňo’ Autumn heat, can only disturb the trophic chains in our seas and oceans. Economists don’t tell you, but conserving the natural states of ecosystems is the way of telling the hen of the golden eggs that you love Her and her Eggs. Will kill, yes we can, yes we do, instead, the producer of our food. Remember my mock on USS Bush? Mussels blocked all pipes. Manteinance? Well, this is a problem in all NATO states. We let our warfare stars fade into junk so that governments can endebt the people by buying military services from private corporations of the Halliburton Solar System. A seal team here and a seal and number six burnt down because Bin Laden died in 2001 and the man they killed was photoshopped for Obamas delight and Petreaus fired from politics. What he was doing at the Bilderberg Club two year after is beyond me. What about embassador Stevens? There were no demonstrators in Benghazi that night, it was a fake footage fed to us through media; the high command in Rota, Cádiz. wasn’t allowed an inmediate support operation. Dave Hodges,, is a well informed man of independent media. He suggests Stevens was working with Hillary Clinton and the Lybian Muslim Brotherhod in arming Al Nusra in dream team with Turkey and Qatar. Dave Hodges talks of pedophile child trafficking to finance the operation. I believe him. Doen’t it all stink real bad? Like the corpse of a homeless squatter in an abandoned, forgotten hotel surrounded by basalt shore pools which were the fishing ports of the Guanches, who, according to History, knew not of sailing. You know, Hollywood teaches how they design our theatre play second to second.


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