“Dexter Gordon – Autumn In New York 1955” YouTube

Autumm leaves, but he never came here but for the time frame. El Niño medi hype in the US translates in my real walking life into peagentry who never heard of sun cycles, El Niño, or care,about the hurricane season because it is a Caribbean thing. The shots are always far away, he was saying while our embassy in Kabul was bombed and three Spanish policemen, “FBIs”, were killed. There is a list of Spanish heroes dead in the name of your Patriot Act since 9/11. But Spaniards and Canary Islanders believe in media, education as they deem it and soccker, it really sucks, for Asmodeus. So, my people, my Chaldean Magii tribe of men and women who call themselves magos and magas (magus is the original semitic form of the plural magii, this means wizzard in Spanish; the Galician form is meiga, for witch and unbelief has a Galician response: haberlas haylas, exist they do. They are Druids), they are convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt, that they are magos because that is a traditional form of our people for countryside dwellers, farmers and shepperds. My ancestors educated this lot and I’ve trying hard to undo our,mythical reality, through those who were in a position to follow. Once again, who cares! Well, God does.One may be the judgement of many million.

Spaniards vote for a renewed parliament tomorrow. USA is is gonna get us nuked by Russia, attacked by (US military trained in Jordan, armed by Turkey, directed by Saudi Arabia, assessed by Israel, at the service of Monsanto, Soros and Cheney, an original idea of Zgnev Brnzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s boy in Council of International Relations and Trilateral: how do we extract resources from heathen barbarian rule? Al Caida, Al Nusra, Salafism, Malikism, Wahabism, ONG’s, CIA, Boko Haram;) an expanding enemy Califate whom we can supply almost for free! And send to Russia.
Really, my!

Back to reason for this post. My locals just comment “my wine production fell 50%” “it’s so hot!” has been the Autunm thing. Still they know not of El Niňo 5/6 year cycle, the peaks or the Maunder Minimum. Today is the hottest; this, once Autumm was spent “off the grid” and I concentrated on my senses to my inmmediate enviroment… I need a cleaning lady!… beyond being unusual, it’s an aberration. That Bad. Exploring my lifetime memory of 1970’s drought (later related to cooling particle industrial polution in Europe We Are World We Are The Children and I Dont Like Mondays (Live Aid – Bob Geldoff) I remember no likeness.
It feels like Spain will be a political smile on monday, as world markets crash. It just feels like that. My paranoia is that Las Palmas, Santa Cruz and airports are getting nuked in a few weeks, in a few days. You guys say Putin is crazy. I’m a Psycholgist and I read Putin’s face trained by cold war Kremlinology. Just keep on pressing and it won’t just be two neat stop there nukes, It will be a wipe out of the NATO estate, no misspelling. Mr Putin, consider this, “Puerto de La Luz y de Las Palmas” is a name I produced when there was a need for it and I was there to stop barbarians to take “La Luz”, the Light of God, out of our most important port before Antwerp. You’ll see hell rising from the sole of your feet if you don’t erase Canary Islands from your nuking list.
There is a crop/fisheries production collapse in the making. No problem in buying cheap land for golf courses and condominiums from farmers ruined by monsanto and big pharma.


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