The Heat Goes On

I could have cropped or treated them, or even deletedone of the shots, but.
Cold is blue, heat is red. Look at the rising pillars of heat, the stormy looking clouds are south. Teide’s cone is there, zoom in! What!? Look at the coriolized silver dragons, the atmospheric life energy force, flying about.
Yesterdays sunset was very purple. A sign heat could have reached Icelandic latitudes.
I’m in isolation mode. My home is now a physics lab and the reason I’m not posting anything is that discoveries that I am working on, parting from what I left here for your own practice, are going to get me crucified. Not yet. I want it to be perfect, so that when I share my “course” you will turn the world upside down with a glance.
Last night I had to abandon the idea of electrocuting Asmodeus and switched to, learned how to Darth Vader Fist, like the Einsten gag in one of the most recently posted here Thornews vid, literally, I am strangling Lord Sauron Darth Vader with the whole universe. I will give you the details as I find the best way of using ‘what’.
Before Christmas. Be strong!





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