El Niño, The Media Star: Separating Hype from Probability | Fabius Maximus website



Just compare the blablabla with the satellite surface temp images for Nov 1 1997 and Oct 31 2015: my approach say we are 15% hotter than the hottest on record. Only we have only been recording for 40 years. El Niño was discovered by an army of Hindu matematicians processing temperature data collected worlwide, before computers. Ancient “founders” of the philosophy schools that nested our wild west used to go to India to learn algebraic computing, amongst other interesting schools of necessary wisdoms worlwide. Mr. Fabius Maximus, you have a control tantrum and you will have a nervous breakdown as soon as your founding stones have been proved cardboard.
Have you noticed that when we, westners, were christian, it was fine to war against moslems and atheist commies and that know that we all believe in freedom and democracy it is fine to go to war too? Now it is more orwellian, wars are media clean unless we want something. Want an army? Show beheading vids, but never from the reign of the sauds, they are good friends, in fact, they own us.
Not enough rain to close the drought in California? Baby, rain after fire is desertification, as roots are lost to holding fertile ground from flash flooding mud into populated neighbourhoods. You have been wasting your time for fourty years, creating massive government expense on disaster relief when a little investment on ecosystems and industrial regulations would have sufficed. You want to be Darwinist? Adapt to the natural enviroment, civilzation lags behind unaware of what is falling on their heads.
Practice your Qi Gong Tai Chi, you will have to heal and feed people with Light or learn how to fly from their teeth projected from a collective, mass hysteria of rumbling stomach. Remember, if attacked by a hoard of clowns, go for the juggler’s nose, that is where the sword is. Not in 3D, though. just in the field of The Force, you just smile and walk out if possible. Combat starts once you left.


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