A Doctor’s Practice 30.5: Acupuncture, Chakras and Cancer Treatment: Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine Balancing


In an electric charge medium of varying quality and intensity from galactic space, sun and planetary geometries, our atmosphere, hydrosphere and crust.
Our bodies have seas and rivers of hot and cold plasma, the acupunture channels or meridians. Acupunturepoints along those linea display, fractally, the Chi, the vital energy with the 5 qualities of the elements as the nourish organs and functions. A therapists’ needle, or thumb, my practice, on one of those points will discharge or charge into equilibrum of flow. It is, literally, an activation of life giving Coriolis Effect throughout the organism’s elecric structure as in the frequencies the outmost physical body works with. It is lightning rays!


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