Particle Spin Blossoms Flowers of Light 28.4: “Chakras: 7 Minute Tune Up” YouTube

These are the basic 7 body chakras. Apart:
Your Thyme gland is the 8th chrakra, bright azurite blue. It connects you to the galactic center.
A magenta sun, 10 cm above your crown chakra is 9th. Here you are the solar system.
A platform extends 20 cm. under your feet, that is 10th and Earth’s core is 14th.

If you do this kind of work with groups, the chances are high that a clever guy is waiting for your Divine Flowers to blossom and eat them like a pig would. Many have given their Rolls Royce wealth to their Guru in gratitude for aiding their blossoming. That is how much they are worth, worldly.

The weather:






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