Food Canned for Your Inner God Particles 29.3: “Schumann Resonance – 563.76 Hz / 7.83Hz (Theta/Alpha)” en YouTube

This music and tone equilibrate the brain’s hemisphere balance, tunes your neuro-endocrine system, it blossoms your chakras in light and health. It literally nourishes your cells by acreting fresh particles into cleansing stream flows. Cells need electricity for information delivery. Once cells know what is expected of their factory civilization comes back to sanity. Remember, a high hormone level is the fuel of growth in vitality and regeneration. It is the only known cure for cancer. Our partners inside proliferate unhealthy when our energy level is down or disrupted. Infections are of progressive scale: latent fungus, bacteria, virus, cancer. It is the decay of hormone levels that do this. It is all in our habits and alliances.

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