The Intra Galaxy Border 2: Milky Way’s black hole shows signs of increased chatter

Now, this is when the teams of specialist doctors start dreaming anything that will save them from electrimagnetic interactions in space, gas understood in protonless quantum state and the instant transmission of waves in space, without breaking the law of entropy for the matter created in the voyage of the wave, “gravity”, or those for thermodynamics. The wave is there because space is there. How strong is it? X-Flares? Really? The galactic massive black hole center holds the galaxy together and is one with Saggittarius. She is Saggittarius A*, A-star, Ishtar. She is orbited by a magnetar, closely, as part of the central galactic mecanism. G2 cloud, nears, does the sun swinging comet job and flaring, according to SO News, has increased from 1 per 10 days to daily mode. But, they think it all happenned 25.000 years ago, because of their “relativistic model”. Look at the Sun today. The lever switch has been augmented on.


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