While we sleep, corporate execs strip-mine (America) The Planet | Fabius Maximus website


“The Q2 Buybacks Report by FactSet is, as usual, sobering reading. During the 12 months ending in June, companies in the S&P 500 spent $555.5 billion repurchasing their shares. For the first time since October 2009, buy-backs exceeded free cash flow (cash flow after capex); they’re borrowing to buy back shares”.

I changed the title a bit, as I am beginning to see “my country” perception of reality as hell deserving enemy. Or is it wrong that this happens in the USA but not if US corporations do it abroad? LAWS OF KARMA APPLY ALWAYS IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET, JUST WAIT! Your loyalties bind you morally to the crimes commited by those you support. Next link I am sharing, in a different post, is the headlines of the Sorcha Faal. They talk of the moral desintegration of modern western us and the SHAME I feel to be part of this brutal, revolting, lie that we call democracy and citizenship. Our world died while we pretended not to be seeing but the “business as usual” mainstream news, science and education.

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