The US economy flies into the “coffin corner”, but we don’t mind! | Fabius Maximus website

He is the best you can get, in terms of in-depth journalism against those who crossed the Mississippi into the conspiracy euphoria. I love his style and drakonian finesse. I envy his blogging skills. As on the other side of the line drawn for sanity, I seldom agree with him. But now it seems he is tamely waking up. Even the best of you, whose work I share, are tainted with pervading historical, strategic, tactic, localism and patriotism. The problem is that this defines, very ulawfully, who is foe or friend. We are Yihad factory in self destruction mode. We must see the whole picture. I must be the only Canary Islander of Gonzàlez-Guedes ancestry who realised that we are as much ‘gringos’ as any Gonzàlez in California, Texas or New Mexico, working in Spain, suburb of Puerto Rico’s San Juan, to terminate the conquest of the EuroAmerican British Sunii Israeli empire into Kaliningrad, Bielorussia, take Crimea back… watch them interfere with our various Yihad armies in MidEast! They don’t like us to train armies to deployed on Russian homeland. We do it to ourselves, but then, we are the Patriot Act guys. If 9/11 and everything after is NATO’s doing, it must be for a good reason. We honour our dead ones oh, so delicately! Truth will enslave you to unstoppable body reaction: puke the nuke out!


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