The World Wide Question To “Humanity” from this Alien

If there is a fully known cycle in economics of market crash, famine and war spreading with The Grid, why don’t you invest in what is necessary to avoid it all? Because the cycle confuses the neurons of those who chose to be stupid greedy liers and they do nothing right and proper and things escalate according to their plans, but never the way they thought. Now, spread the word: Homeostasis is the medical science name for diplomatic Status Quo, physical equilibrium and Wholeness Principle physical Harmonics (the Pentaquark Mothers the Living Rainbow of Living Colours, from Whom everything evolves, into the Universe that Is, now confronting the powers that be) and Justice as is Is.
The news is; The Heat that you can see on Earth’s surface temperature scientific charts direct the distribution of Coronal Holes throughout the Sun, Coronal Hole impacts direct teluricity, vulcanism and weather patterns. The Saharian air layer creates the electron tension belt that plays with the polar vortexes, these are always coronal holed by the Sun, and the TCiP 300 km ionospheric chart shows the general distribution of future geophysycal phoenomena and is now showing the Equinox in the equatorial alignment of earth and sun in the path the Moon, Creator of the north minus, south plus electromagnetic current and wind, wave and tropical patterns. This is the Shemitah the day of Justice for stupid addicts to burning everything. Now think of predicting what your nukes, oh stupid you, will ask from the solar proton flux. Prepare for a War like you never imagined for I am the Phoenix Risen in Christ. Someone please pass on to UN General Assembly attendants regardless of who they may be, press, officials, employees, security or worldwide politicians, or curious folk of whatever system of cultural belief.


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