The Shemitah Prophecy & Legends of the Phoenix | The 13th Enumeration

When I opened the beginner’s stellarium with my local time and position and looked, I saw the Phoenix rising from the south. To me, the Phoenix is very relevant, as initiation starts with the blue blood of the Phoenix running through your nadis and chakras. Next you follow your own state of affairs, your unconscious self, down the pinneal vortex and star the clean up of all adherences and infiltrators. It is a very long process and chances are that you,will not survive it. It is exactly being Alice falling into the tree trink after the White Rabbit, always too busy for nonsense.
When I first heard of Shemitah, it was one of those doomsday videos about satanic schemes for the coming of the Antichrist. I read Jeanne Dixon’s Prophecy on this, as a 15 year old. I am so sure she refers to Mr. President! In this video, the Phoenix was mentioned as an incoming comet or as asteroid. The usual bullshit, I thought. I avoid that kind of “art” now.
Since I saw the Phoenix rising from the south, I thought there must be a connection, a cycle, so I digged a bit, just now.
The constellation: you can’t see it above 40°N and it is just above the horizon where I am, only I have a huge caldera rim to block my sight. I looked through a recent description of this constelations, of objects between 23 light years and 4.5 billion light years away galaxy clusters, recently discovered. I jumped from wikipedia into this source when I read that Algol, though it is not part of this constellation, as we understand them, is 600 AU from two stars that eclipse each other in turns, very fast, a yellow giant and a white dwarf and, it is 5000 years, the time it takes for Algol to orbit the other two. That is how far I got.
Shemita: it looks like there is a 7 year cycle in which semitic tradition, dating back to ancient Egypt and Babylon, just translates a natural phenomenon into God’s command, which, really, considering our brain’s attachment to the literal word, is not a good idea. Today we would just say; on a Shemitah year, just don’t bother, you’d be better off doing this and that. You don’t plant or harvest, you return the land to the owner (rent) you free slaves (give employees a holiday; aren’t we obssessed with slavery in ancient periods! Our crap, really, if you look into it, we are truly vandalic barbarians today) So, there is an economic cycle that has been observed in Wall Street and other markets worldwide. As a matter of fact, graphics are shown that prove two things. 1. Shemitah and gold rise together. 2. The post correction is the best time to by stocks, as they’ll be higher every consecutive Shemitah. It will be 7 years of skinny cows for most, though, specially those who, as US friends and allies, buy their junk funds and treasuries, to save the empire and avoid a Gladio strike back.

(I read yesterday that 56% of breast cancer cases coincide with Bovine Esclerosis, the control group had no cancer and 29% had bovine virus; as I wrote in my first posts, we are insanely, cruelly, satanically addicted to animal protein creatine; you can find your amino acids in Spiruline algae or in some, not most funghi, many of them, like Enoki from Japan or Chordyceps from China, they both prevent and heal cancer, but be sure, wherever you live nature produces all that is necessary, it is the Wholeness Principle)

So, there is a cycle that finishes the last days of september of a Shemitah year, such as current 2015. Many times I have related El Niño, adverse Hurricane seasons, or the crescent of river Nile, with our solar system plane being affected by that of Sirius and playing with the 22 year cycle of the galactic plane shift. Phoenix is rising in the south now and I am so sure there must be a cyclic variation of north to south position, obviously every seven years. The article I share about the Phoenix legrnd is a clue, Chol is Algol. We get two starshowers from the yellow giant central sun every year, December and June, which shows alignment with our galactic center. Formahault is nearby, crossing between Piscis and Acuarius (or so we perceive, inmerse as we are in a local stellar group all the way to Vega, our ultimate central sun before the galactic center, along the Arm of Orion star spiral), only a couple of light years farther away from us than Sirius; I think our sun follows Formahault in a parallel orbit around the latter. Now my mind goes blank and dizzying that we really know nothing of space and orbits and that, if there is more than a 7 year cycle, or a 5.000 year cycle, we will find out as it goes. As science and history scholars take no shit to be looking into this absurds. The attachement to literality, passion of the mind of inmature frighful kids. Presentism, some scholar sold to worlswide universities, but I say that is only the manifest symptom of their fear of not knowing enough, not controlling reality, like a collective child stuck on “buaa! I’m loosing my poo poopoo!” and Isn’t nature a freak so uncontrolable that they keep shitting their pants when the known universe, so confideble, loosens their sphincter hold on facts, their poo poo.

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