“Signs Of Change 2015 Part 5 August | Flooded Inferno” YouTube

The Hawkkey Davies report from end of August to mid september.

There are tsunami warnings allover the Pacific because of an 8.3 that struck Chile. Look at this;


The Coronal Hole impact is a primary factor for the earthquake, whatever the required previos conditions were, like the build up of land heat east of the Andes, the Colima recent explosive event, followed by a 7 quake in Mexico.
The electron tension belt has shifted east from the bay of Bengal and south east asia into central America. Before that, it was centered around south east Indonesia, it has been travelling north all summer and it has been seen above equatorial Africa. You can expect really heavy weather and volcanic heat radiate from red and adjacent areas, setting the conditions for storm formatio where polar vortex vorticity provide a vehicle for heat to acrete into wind up the temperature gradient. This teluric activity is sure to move the nearest Jet Stream into convecting the heat with high altitude chilly winds.


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