Grand Mother Spider Weaving Wyrd Life Into Clouds


Taoro Valley, Tenerife, Canary Islands, 17/9 – 11:20 Z.

Looking at the Ionosphere (image below my preach) I am concerned with Coronal Hole impacts. One is crossing into bordering the path of the latest quake in Chile, from south Atlantic. Another stripe prepares Venezuela for a Hurricane. Such an event directed Henri into Spain, 8 meter waves, 160 km. winds and now visiting mamá La France. The main impact today endangers Japan real bad.The second worst is falling on Alberta tar sands, pushing Canada into north west US and Michigan. Yellowstone has a fever and needs watching, so does the New Madrid-Missoury faultline. I did predict there would be big quakes before the end of September. I said Chile, Japan, Central Asia, China-India, Turkey, Crimea… due to the general positive Bz and By mean, which opens the Proton Flux Portals of our magnetosphere to Earth crust. Inflating our magnetopause to the solar wind is what we do when it is negative. I see this as ruled by Solar Cycles that could be fully mapped as a clockworck mechanism, if we are civilized enough to keep future records.
The position of the solar equator I question as resoonsible, as I see it a few degrees north of were science says it is. This would be the polarizing factor for the overall mass of “minor” solar X Rays the we are supposed to be suffering, whereas I am absolutely sure that a quantity of gamma rays, however a trace, is part of the overall constant flux. My theory is that the preassumption on gamma rays not exiting the Sun alive made it a lunacy to,send fiters to watch our star. Recently they mapped the solar system for gammas and the are concentric, from the Sun, values layered according to planetary orbital planes, away from the Sun. Still, they think they come from the galactic medium which would nicely and evenly become an spheroid source hugging our Sun. You guys really have imagination. Inverted though, into making Newton your God, for instance.
Héy! Military! I hear your nukes are stronger than e=mc2, try [(e=mc2)ex^(Phi^2)]:2
Boo! Einstein! Yuh Yuh! Sacrilege.
Do you want my formula for antigravity Mr. Bishop of god Galilei and his messiah Alchemist Newton?
The same applies to the prediction of the meteo men for waves and wind, as a matter of fact, I think I am describing the fractalization of the Coriolis efect, or any healthy natural growth in nature, whom mankind should learn more from before having Her beheaded.
Capitalism worked as the driving force of science in the XXth C Fox. Once they got their money, advancing science ends up in default of the system. Let us, I mean US, think of a new one. Free Energy, to start with and a Covenant with All forms of Life for the regeneration of habitats and migratory routes. Let us make a new UN.



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